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Christmas departure?

So, finishing off Christmas dinner and dumping dishes in the kitchen (believe that and you’ll believe anything), I looked across the road and spotted the scene seen below.

I wouldn’t say the ‘lady’ who owns that chimney has a reputation, but… she’s got a reputation.

That’s almost a good disguise her visitor tried, but I think he forgot the sack!

Santa Christmas Departure

Santa Christmas Departure

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Santa has to rest before the big night

The main man has been busy in the run up to Christmas, and has surely earned the right to have a little lie down before all the running around he’ll have to do tonight.

Resting Santa

Resting Santa

And don’t forget…

NORAD Tracks Santa

Well, they have to don’t they?

He’s a nice guy, but I think even Santa would probably be upset if he met an ICBM or THAAD (Terminal High Altitude Area Defense) missile going the other way.

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The Grinch IS alive and well and is GP Professor Helen Stokes-Lampard

While I’d normally applaud any efforts to improve health, I think there is a time and a place.

While never a great fan of TV, my opinion is that they were ultimately ruined as concerned groups and individuals managed to influence their philosophy, and every miserable life circumstance was forced into their plot0lines in the name of ‘Public Education’ or similar.

Unfortunately, in the process, the scriptwriters lost all freedom to stay within the original storylines, and ended up crawling around in the most miserable and lowest aspects of life.

If you want evidence to back this up, just have a look at the current material being dished up in the rerun of ‘Take the High Road’ on STV2.

Once amusing, fun, and twee, it’s saturated in deception, crime, sex, violence, blackmail, manipulation, and mental health issues (to name a few).

And now, Professor Helen Stokes-Lampard, head of the Royal College of GPs, has hijacked Christmas to claim Santa could face a raft of health issues because of his diet and busy schedule.

Some of his conditions could include gout, sleep deprivation and alcoholism.

Via GP warns Santa to ‘give sherry a miss’

Professor Stokes-Lampard said: “He’s overweight, and all of us do our bit to add to his obesity by leaving mince pies and cookies out for him, and milk or alcohol.

“If Mr Claus was a patient at my practice, I would be encouraging him to adopt a vastly healthier diet and take more exercise in the new year.”

As well as running between houses, rather than riding on his sleigh, the professor thinks he should “give the sherry a miss” and share some of Rudolph’s carrots instead.

“The human body can only process one unit of alcohol per hour, which means excessive consumption could make Santa drunk very quickly,” she said.

“This not only increases the likelihood of him slipping in the snow or mixing up important presents, but could also lead to long-term issues affecting his mood and mental health.”

I’ve come across some well-intended efforts in my time, but this one is just a step to far!

Let’s forget who he is, and apply ALL the rules and regs…

(And that the so-called ‘Detox’ is just another celebrity con intended to separate the wealthy from the cash.)


Santa Detox


Regulated Santa

The only good this about this story is that I can suggest you will get a good laugh if you do an online image search for more cartoons like the examples given above.

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Season of Goodwill etc etc…

Cats Visit Santa

Cats Visit Santa

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