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A lost cat story with an ending (and it’s a good one)

I think there’s only one ‘lost cat’ story I raised in here that actually came to a successful conclusion, and the owner followed up the ‘Lost’ posters with another offering thanks and letting folk know their cat had been found, and was safe, back at home.

That’s not to be misinterpreted as criticism, since the cat may never turn up or be found. I’m just saying it’s nice to know when there is a success.

There was news of a find after three years, thanks to the cat in question being microchipped, and checked when a concerned member of the public called in the Scottish SPCA to help a stray.

Microchipped moggy Amber had not been seen since disappearing from her home in Erskine, Renfrewshire, in 2016.

However, she was found around 19 miles away in Stepps and returned to her owner earlier this week.

The Scottish SPCA said the case shows how important it is for pet owners to get their animals chipped, as without it, it is unlikely Amber would ever had made it back home.

Holly Bates from the SSPCA said: “Amber was taken to our centre in Glasgow where she stayed until her owners were able to collect her and take her home.

“Instances such as this act as reminders as to why microchipping your cat is so important.

“If Amber had not been microchipped it is possible she may have never been reunited with her owners.

“It’s also important to keep your cat’s chip contact details up to date, even if they have been missing for an extended period.”

Purrfect surprise: Missing cat reunited with owner three years on

Amber - Reunited with owner after three years Pic credit Scottish SPCA

Amber – Reunited with owner after three years Pic credit Scottish SPCA

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More cat abuse reported in the news – paint covered in Inverness

Not the first such story.

Although not related to the paint, one cat had to be out to sleep.

Two cats were found covered in bright blue paint in Inverness.

The Scottish SPCA was alerted on Sunday by the pets’ owners, who live in different but nearby areas of Culduthel and Old Mill Road.

The charity said one of the owners believed their pet had been in a fight with another cat and they had paint thrown over them to break them up.

The SSPCA has appealed for information to help find the person or people responsible for the incidents.

Injuries on one of the pets were consistent with it having been in a fight.

Inspector Aileen Ross said: “It is highly unlikely it is a coincidence that both these cats were covered in the same paint in the same city on the same day, so we are keen to speak to anyone who can shed any light on this.

“The colour of the paint is very distinctive so we are hoping someone recognises it.

“Sadly, the second cat who was covered in paint had to be put to sleep with an unrelated illness but the paint would have caused him a high degree of stress in his final days.”

Cats found covered in paint in Inverness

It’s still a form of animal abuse that is all to easy to get away with, yet time and again studies show that people who do this will tend to move up the abuse scale, so if anyone boasts about this, a little anonymous phone call would not be a bad idea.

Paint covered cat Pic - Scottish SPCA

Paint covered cat Pic – Scottish SPCA

Fortunately, not everyone is like the human dross mentioned above.

They Try to Find the Hero Who Saved Paint-covered Kitten in Dumpster

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Another cat dumped, clearly meant not to be found, and die

I usually make a case for NOT slating owners who are condemned for leaving their cats in boxes or carriers at the doors of organisations. I tend to think (having been there) that their circumstances led to them thinking that they are doing the best they could. Sadly, you can’t always think things through properly when under pressure.

This is quite different from situations where people box up the animals, and then dump them out of sight, or in isolated places where they are unlikely to be seen or found. THAT sort of action is deliberate, and THOSE people should be prosecuted for deliberate cruelty – but that’s sadly almost impossible.

Here’s an example of the latter, and someone who should be caught (but how?)…

Clover, a one-year-old female cat, was found inside a plastic carrier inside a bin liner covered in urine and faeces.

Inspector Sarah Gregory described the incident as “deliberate and cruel”.

She said: “This little cat is lucky she was discovered by a vigilant member of the public who knew something wasn’t right as she could have easily been missed.

“We are unsure how long she was left outside for and we are keen to find the person responsible for abandoning her in this deliberate and cruel way.

“She doesn’t appear to have any signs of injury but was covered in urine and faeces when we found her. She is currently being cared for by the staff at our centre in Edinburgh and has been named Clover.

“If anyone in the area recognises her or has any information on who may have abandoned Clover, we would urge you to call our confidential animal helpline on 03000 999 999.”

Cat dumped in carrier and abandoned at side of road

Carrier and Cat Pic Credit Edinburgh Scottish SPCA

Carrier and Cat Pic Credit Edinburgh Scottish SPCA

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First abandoned cat story of the year

First story I’ve seen of abandoned cats this year, and it’s an odd one.

Two cats were abandoned, in carriers, behind metal gates at Hillend Quarry, Airdrie Road, Caldercruix, and found on Sunday after being ‘spotted by a member of the public’ who contacted the Scottish SPCA.

I don’t know this area, so don’t know how accurate the Scottish SPCA’s suggestion that “they were mostly hidden away behind the fence, gate and a small stone wall” may be.

Fact is they were spotted, and by someone who was driving, so couldn’t have been that hard to see.

Unless the circumstances suggest some effort to cause deliberate harm to abandoned animals, I tend to wonder about the circumstances of the owners, and what problems they may have encountered to lead to this. Not ALL abandonments are just down to cruelty.

Sadly, the Scottish SPCA wins regardless. If locked in carriers, it can claim animals were left to starve. If not, they can say they were left in danger of roaming free, and could be killed on the road. I’m sure there are further options that make the former owner look bad, rather than raise concerns about their circumstances.

I’m NOT having a pop at the Scottish SPCA, or that all those who abandon animals be excused, just that a bit of thought should be exercised, rather than just knee-jerk reactions.

Cats locked in carriers and abandoned at roadside

Abandoned Cats dumped at side of road Scottish SPCA

Abandoned Cats dumped at side of road Scottish SPCA

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Sad to see no drop in cruelty as 2018 runs out

I suppose it’s a hopeless hope, even though I don’t go looking for (cat) cruelty stories, there seems to no reduction in the number that make it to the top of the news pages, either directly or indirectly.

A number of outlets picked up on this story which may relate to snares, or worse, around Dalmally.

A cat had to have one of its hind legs and part of its tail removed after being found with unexplained injuries in Argyll.

The one-year-old named Leo was one of several cats found with multiple injuries in the area.

The Scottish SPCA now fear that the animals could have been harmed intentionally as they appeal to the public for information as they bid to establish the full circumstances.

The injuries could also have been caused by a snare but Scotland’s animal welfare charity are yet to discover any in the area and have asked anyone who does see one to contact them as soon as possible.

Appeal as several cats found with unexplained injuries

One Year Old Leo Wth Multiple Injuries Pic Scottish SPCA

One Year Old Leo With Multiple Injuries Pic Scottish SPCA

PDSA pet survivor of the year 2018

On a related subject, a Scottish cat is one of four potential recipients for an award.

A cat which was left fighting for its life after a suspected hit-and-run is in the running for a national survivor of the year award.

There were fears that Maximus might have to be put down after the incident in which he lost his right eye and suffered a fractured skull, split jaw and torn lips.

Owner Sharon Trotter, from Inverkeithing in Fife, asked vets if there was anything they could do to save him as she knew her son Cory, then aged ten, would be devastated to lose him.

Vets at Inglis Vet Centre in Dunfermline devised a special treatment plan for the pet, known as Maxy, which involved a metal pin to go across the front of his face through his nose to keep the two halves of his fractured upper jaw together while they healed, while his lower jaw was also wired into place.

As he was coming round from the operation, Maxy stopped breathing twice and required resuscitation, but pulled through and was eventually stable enough to go home.

Seven weeks after the incident the cat managed to eat his first solid food and is now well on the road to recovery after enduring further treatments and surgery in the months following the accident.

Cat in ‘hit-and-run’ up for survivor of the year award

I always feel a little guilty over cat and car incidents. Unlike dogs (and I am not saying anything against dogs, lest I be misrepresented), which can be fairly big and run in front of cars, I’ve seen cats dart out and run UNDER a passing car, so the driver has no idea anything has happened (other than maybe some odd bumping noises heard inside the car), and the cat shoots off, maybe after tumbling, so the driver would see nothing if they looked around for a cause.

I hate seeing cats sitting UNDER parked cars, and only say ‘Hello’ (or try to, since all I usually get is catbutt) from the footpath, and never bother with them if I am on the road side.

Worse still, while cats are admittedly resilient and flexible, even if severely injured they can run away before the injuries hit their systems.

I’ve never found one after seeing this happen – they just seem to vanish.

My hope is always that they make it home, or got lucky, and the worst they suffered was rolling around and nothing serious.

He may be getting better, but he still looks mad (just kidding),

Maximus Survivor Pic PDSA

Maximus Survivor Pic PDSA



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Cats in the news – and a Scottish SPCA appeal for disinfectant cleaner

Important stuff first!

The Scottish SPCA has launched an appeal for supplies of Anigene.

Its Cardonald Centre needs a large amount of the disinfectant to help fight animal infections.

Every year, the charity cares for thousands of animals that have been abused, injured, or abandoned throughout Scotland, and needs a large amount of the disinfectant to ensure it fights all types of animal infections.

The Scottish SPCA receives no government funding and relies on donations.

Anigene can be donated to our centres through our Amazon wishlist, or by purchasing on a third-party site such as Viovet and having it delivered to our centres. Alternatively you can drop any donations into one of our animal rescue and rehoming centres in person.”

Scottish SPCA Ginger Pic Credit Peter Devlin

Scottish SPCA Ginger Pic Credit Peter Devlin

Next, still serious, but maybe a solution to a mystery

Cat killer mystery solved

While this story originates in Croydon, the subject has no boundary.

It was the murder mystery that kept police guessing and struck fear in the hearts of pet owners.

Now, Scotland Yard says the so-called Croydon cat killer, thought to have bludgeoned and decapitated cats across the UK, never existed.

Instead, cats were being run over and their dead bodies mutilated by foxes, they say. So what can you do to keep your cats out of trouble?

Cat killer mystery solved, but how do we keep our pets safe?

I have to say I’m surprised we don’t have a similar investigation underway up here, if this solution to the so-called Croydon cat killer is accurate.

Here (in the burby east end of Glasgow) we are inundated with foxes, so either the foxes don’t like them, or our Scottish cats are more road savvy than their English cousins.

I do walk a lot, and have not come across a lot of roadkill – although I’d also say that wandering cats are the exception nowadays.

But in recent years, I seldom go out and don’t spot a fox, either directly, out of the corner of my eye, or just by the disgusting cries they make while hidden in undergrowth and gardens. It really is a horrible noise. Sometimes I can pass as many as three or four in an hour.

I never get a pic though (unless they’re dead), as they may not be all that shy, but you can’t generally raise a camera and still have them in view if they’ve wandered out in front of you.


Ever spot outdoor spots and floods in gardens, apparently coming on at random during the night?

I used to think ‘wandering cat on rounds’ – now I know better (they’re probably too small, and too furry) and have seen that this is usually a fox.

If only… that had been a Buckfast bottle!

Happy Boozy Fox

Happy Boozy Fox


He’s behind me, isn’t he?

Goodbye world.


He’s behind me

And lastly, ‘Odd News’

Cat incident is last straw for man abused by wife for 60 years

After sixty years of controlling behaviour and physical violence, Jim changed his blood-stained shirt and walked back to his wife who was making them a coffee after smashing him in the face.

He had asked her to let the cat in while he cut the grass outside.

But instead of turning left to the kitchen, he turned right, walked out of the door and kept on walking away from his life of abuse.

With only the clothes he wore, he didn’t look back, and at the age of 78, he started his life again.

Jim is one of a growing number of men telling other men it is okay to admit to being abused by women.

‘My abusive wife battered me over letting the cat in’

There are some things I just “Don’t get”.

Amongst my sins are loyalty, and a resistance to change.

But after the first hit/abuse incident, I’d be off and the abuser (if an abuser, as opposed to ill) would be being collected by an ambulance and/or the police.

(I do speak from experience, but that’s all you get.)

This could all have been resolved years ago, if only they’d left the cat out during a winter night…

Cat Sleep Kill Repeat

Cat Sleep Kill Repeat

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Double cat story this week

And one is good, and one is bad.

Bad news first.

A cat has been found abandoned on a doorstep covered in sick and faeces.

She was dumped in a cat carrier on Clark Street in Airdrie on July 16 in a “very poor condition”.

The tabby cat is now being cared for by the Scottish SPCA in Lanarkshire until she can be rehomed.

Inspector Jack Marshall said: “The cat was in a very poor condition, covered in sick and faeces with long claws.

“We’re hopeful that someone will recognise her as we’d like to find out how she came to be in this state.

Abandoned Car Pic Via Scottish SPCA

Abandoned Car Pic Via Scottish SPCA

It’s easy to pre-judge without details, and it might be as well to worry about who this cat came from, and their circumstances.

Abandoned cat found in carrier covered in sick and faeces

Then there was the good news.

A budgie which was missing for six weeks has been reunited with its owner – after a pet cat caught it.

Penny Campbell had almost given up hope of ever seeing Rosie Bloom again after escaping in the Stonehaven area.

However, a cat living about a mile away brought the budgie into its house and the owners managed to catch it and take it to a local vet.

Missing budgie reunited with owner after being found by pet cat

I guess ‘Bear the cat’ wasn’t feeling too serious about the hunt…

Prof Dame Sue Black – the owner of seven-month-old Bear the cat – said: “We are used to him bringing in mice and birds.

“We were sitting in the dining room and heard an almighty squawking – it was a budgie, we thought where did he get a budgie from? He was ever so proud.

“He went to go and catch it again – it was like a farce as we tried to catch the poor thing.

“It’s testament to its determination to survive.”

Prof Dame Black added: “We put the budgie in the cat’s box and took it to the vet.

“It’s a happy ending – I am delighted.”

Both main players are currently hanging their heads in shame – the budgie for being taken to the vet in a cat box, and the cat for having its box used to take a bird to the vet.

Fine! I’ll just site in here then.!

Cat In Bird Cage

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Help catch the scum that threw a cat out of a car in Aberdeen

The Scottish SPCA has launched an appeal for help in identifying those responsible for throwing a cat from a red hatchback car travelling on Cairngorm Drive, Kincorth, on Tuesday morning at approximately 7:45 am.

Witnesses to the incident saw a following car run over the cat, after which the cat tumbled to the side of the road before darting away through gardens and settling on a window ledge.

Remarkably, the grey and white female tabby cat escaped with minor injuries and is now recovering at the Scottish SPCA’s Aberdeenshire Animal Rescue and Rehoming Centre at Drumoak, where staff have named her Delilah.

I suppose it’s relatively unlikely anyone will be held to account for this act of animal cruelty, but it is right that efforts should be made to find those behind it.

I recall reading a number of papers published some years ago, where it was found that people who carry out such acts were likely to carry on and become child abusers, and that this sort of activity with people’s pets was merely practice for more serious form of abuse.

Animal Rescue Officer Karen Hogg said: “Understandably Delilah was absolutely petrified when I came to collect her and she just wanted to coory into me for comfort.

“I took her straight to the vet to be examined but amazingly she has survived her terrifying ordeal with only scuffing to the pads of her feet and a small scrape on her nose, although we’ll continue to monitor her condition in our care.

“The couple who witnessed the incident said they saw something being thrown from the car before it sped off and then they saw the cat lying on the road. Unfortunately they said the car travelling closely behind ran right over the top of her and she tumbled to the side of the road before darting away through gardens and settling on a window ledge.

“Delilah has used up at least two of her nine lives in what appears to have been an incredibly cruel act.

“Although this was a fairly quiet, residential street, it is just off a busy main road so someone may have seen the car in the area and may have noticed the occupants acting suspiciously.

“We are very keen to trace the person or persons responsible for Delilah’s abandonment so we are asking anyone who recognises the cat or witnessed the incident to contact our Animal Helpline on 03000 999 999.”

Via Cat in care after being thrown from car in Kincorth area of Aberdeen | Aberdeen & North | News | STV

Delilah Car Throw Cat

Delilah, thrown from car. Pic via Scottish SPCA

I can’t lay hands on it again, but just a few weeks ago, had a video from Russia which actually caught someone doing this in the centre of a road junction – the driver threw the kitten out as he crossed the junction. I don’t know what happened, as this was only a short clips only showing this action.

Delilah was very lucky, as these two videos show, and also highlight the difference between animal care in the US and the UK, where we have organisations such as the Scottish SPCA:

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Who tied up this cat and dumped her in a wheelie bin?

The Scottish SPCA is asking for help to find the person who tied up a cat in a bag, and dumped her in a wheelie bin, which would have meant certain death had a passer-by not rescued her and alerted the society.

Named Zola by the society, she was found at about 8.30am on Wednesday morning in the wheelie bin in Edinburgh Road, Bathgate.

The white and tortoiseshell coloured female was collected by a senior inspector and taken to the Scottish SPCA’s Lanarkshire Animal Rescue and Rehoming Centre for veterinary examination and care.

Senior Inspector Stuart Murray said:

Zola has been caused a great deal of distress and she’s very lucky to have survived.

The man who found her heard her cries coming from inside the bin and was shocked to find her tied up in a carrier bag when he investigated.

It seems whoever did this to Zola didn’t care whether she lived or died. They were, quite literally, throwing her away like a piece of rubbish, which is not only horrendously cruel but also an offence.

We’re very keen to speak to anyone who recognises Zola and knows who might have owned her.

The charity said anyone found guilty of abandoning an animal and causing it unnecessary suffering can expect to be banned from keeping animals for a fixed period or life.

Those with information are being urged to contact the Scottish SPCA Animal Helpline on 03000 999 999.

Via Cat found tied and dumped in Bathgate wheelie bin ‘lucky to be alive’ | Edinburgh & East | News | STV

Dumped Cat Zola

Dumped Cat Zola – pic via Scottish SPCA

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How did a lost pregnant white cat get found in a blizzard?

Time for another appeal, this after the rather amazing rescue of a white cat, pregnant, and ready to give birth to six kittens.

You couldn’t make this one up, as this white cat was reportedly found wandering about in the midst of a blizzard.

She was found on Mansfield Place in Newton Stewart, Dumfries and Galloway on Wednesday, February 27, 2013.

Christened Bianca by her rescuers, she gave birth that night to six healthy kittens, and the whole family is being cared for at Dunragit Kennels in Stranraer.

Alistair Hill from the Scottish SPCA is the one who picked up the cat.

He said: “It’s possible Bianca has escaped from home just before giving birth as she is in good overall condition.

“With the snow and freezing temperatures we’ve been experiencing, these kittens wouldn’t have survived for long if Bianca had given birth outside so we’re very glad she was found.

“She isn’t wearing a collar and isn’t microchipped so we’re hoping someone will recognise her. There’s every chance her owner is distraught that she has gone missing and we’d be delighted to be able to return Bianca and her six new additions home soon.”

Anyone who recognises Bianca should call the Scottish SPCA on 03000 999 999.

Via Pregnant cat found in cold weather in Newton Stewart gives birth | Scotland | News | STV

Scottish SPCA

Dunragit Boarding Kennels & Cattery: Dunragit,Stranraer,Scotland

Bianca lost cat

Bianca lost cat and kittens – pic via Scottish SPCA

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A cat called Tigger breaks our run of ‘Lost Cat’ posts

Making a welcome change from our usual reposting of ‘Lost Cat’ stories and appeals for information, a cat called Tigger was quickly reunited with his owner after his 130 miles trip to Aberdeen from the  Deldrige area of Livingston, after wandering into the back of a van while it was being loaded.

Fortunately, Tigger was both microchipped and recorded, so his owners were able to be traced.

After a meal and night in the cages at Aberdeen’s Drumoak Scottish SPCA rescue centre, Tigger was sent home:

The adventurous moggy hitched a ride to Aberdeen in the back of the vehicle from Livingston.

Two-year-old Tigger was handed in to the Scottish SPCA’s Aberdeenshire Animal Rescue and Rehoming Centre after he was found by the driver following the trip.

Iain Binnie, 35, had been clearing furniture out of a relative’s home in the Dedridge area when Tigger jumped into the back of his hired van.

He returned to his home in Aberdeen but only discovered Tigger the following morning when he opened the van to find the cat sitting at the door meowing.

Mr Binnie took the feline stowaway to the rescue centre at Drumoak where staff were able to trace Tigger’s owner through his identity microchip.

via Stowaway cat Tigger hitches ride from Livingston to Aberdeen | Aberdeen & North | News | STV.

At least this one was fairly safe, unlike those that manage to jam themselves somewhere under the bonnet, close to the engine for some heat, something still quite likely during the ‘lovely’ weather we are enjoying at the moment…

Good advice to save a hidden cat

What a nice change to be showing one of the SPCA’s appeal pics as a happy ending, instead of appealing for help to find a lost cat’s owners:

Tigger found

Tigger found – pic by the Scottish SPCA

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