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Why no secure ‘Bike Parks’ similar to ‘Car Parks’

While it’s nice to see Glasgow City Council continue to defy activists who claim it’s not doing anything (or maybe enough) for cyclists, with news that some £250,000 is to be spent installing fifty storage units (secure on-street cycle lock-ups for residents to store their bikes) in parts of the city where tenements and flats are predominant, I’m going to put my ‘Grumpy Hat’ on and say that this marks a missed opportunity.

Glasgow has something in store for cyclists living the high life

I’ve read a few articles on this subject over the past few months, and have been disappointed every time.

While I’m obviously pleased for the residents concerned, my gripe is that there’s no similar option for anyone wanting to leave their bike on the street.

We have to lug around decent chains and locks if we want to be reasonably sure our bikes will be where we left them, and strip them of any easily removed accessories lest they vanish when we’re not there.

Somebody is missing a business opportunity, with the equivalent of a car park for bikes.

There was an attempt on Dragons’ Den a couple of years ago, but mistakes were made.

Dragons’ Den firm’s £4,000 street bike lockers installed in Exeter city centre

But that’s not the point – what matters is that others were interested (and the guy didn’t really try, as he really just wanted to get on TV).

They’ve installed their storage at a library.

We’ve also got storage at a library, Glasgow Women’s Library in Bridgeton.

Glasgow Women's Library Secure Bike Storage

Glasgow Women’s Library Secure Bike Storage

I’m guessing this example, from Partick, is for residents.

Secure bike storage Partick

Secure bike storage Partick

So, I’m no longer in any sort of business, don’t have any funding, so all I can do is make the point that there’s probably a nice business opportunity for someone who want to take the chance and get onto this early.

After all, we’re continually being told bike ownership and use is only going to increase, so it’s not a great stretch of the imagination to see that there will be opportunities, especially as some bike owners are daft enough to be parted from many thousands of pounds for their bikes, they should be easy touches for a few quid for safe storage 😉

My bike may only be worth a few hundred, but I can’t afford to lose that, and have spent just about as much on security.


Local media eventually noticed…

On-street bike parking scheme to be launched across Glasgow

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WHAT? Surely not ANOTHER cycling initiative from ‘useless’ Glasgow City Council

It’s almost as if I was attracting stories about Glasgow City Council which will be rubbing the cycling activists’ noses in their whines about the council not being much use with regard to improving things for cyclists in the city.

This time it is something which has been largely overlooked in the past, but I have seen being tackled by a number of authorities/cities recently, the last one being Edinburgh.

This has actually been raised before, but this seems to be the beginning of action to address this issue.

Glasgow City Council has launched a feasibility study to assess opinion on its plans to introduce new secure covered on-street cycle parking for residents of the city.

The provision of such parking, the council feel, will help remove one of the major barriers to the uptake of cycling, namely the ability to conveniently and securely store a bike.

In the first instance, the council are looking to provide facilities at 50 locations across the city.

And in doing so they will prioritise those areas of Glasgow where housing includes tower blocks, flats and tenement properties.

Glasgow City Council announces plans to introduce secure on-street cycle parking

I’m lucky in that I have my own secure space, and don’t have to negotiate stairs (just an irritating convoluted path) to get to the street.

But recently, while standing in Anderston, was intrigued to see quite a lot of bikes being stored on porches or verandas outside flats, four or five storeys up. That has to get boring after the first few hundred trips up and down!

I also see quite a lot of people with bikes in halls, or even living rooms, sometimes hung on walls to keep them out of the way.

I have to confess to wishing there were bike parks, like car parks, which were more secure than the usual street bike parking rack, or handy pole!

I have seen a few secure, on-street bike parking enclosures similar to the one pictured, one of which can be found at the rear of Glasgow Women’s Library.

Unfortunately, these would have to be maintained, so there is a cost associated with them, which is currently estimated to be about £1.50 per week.

Secure Cycle Shelter Image Glasgow City Council

Secure On-street Cycle Parking Image Glasgow City Council

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