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Selfies in the square

It seems I can never actually GET the pics I’d like of tourists taking selfies in George Square.

I’m one of those sad types who just doesn’t see the need to get themselves into a pic, and finds the whole idea of selfies and selfie sticks hilarious (and maybe just as sad as I am for thinking they’re sad).

I’ve seen lots of selfies being taken, but somehow never seem to be in the right place to catch the perpetrators.

I spot them too late, or when the finally stand still, they’re holding the thing in such a way that it’s pointing at me, so is almost invisible since as my view is along its length.

This one was caught after many tries, and I’d almost given up.

George Square Tourists

George Square Tourists

Yes, there IS a selfie crime in progress here.

George Square Selfie Stick

George Square Selfie Stick


Why not just get your mate to take a proper pic?


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I’ll never understand the selfie or selfie stick

I finally achieved and ambition recently – and I don’t have many of those these days.

I managed to catch somebody in the act of using a selfie stick!

Every time I try to catch this I’m usually too late, and they’re gone by the time I’ve stopped and grabbed my own camera.

I have to confess I’m one of those who largely doesn’t get the appeal of this thing, and if you look at most of my pics you’ll find that other than where it’s practically impossible to avoid them, I avoid having any people in them. And the idea of planting myself in them… just doesn’t even occur to me.

I do have a collection of selfie sticks, but not for selfie’s – armed with a small camera, these telescopic hand-held mini-monopods are ideal for getting pics of, and from, places that can’t otherwise be reached.

This catch in George Square didn’t do much to help explain their logic either.

Without the full context (which has been cropped from this images), this selfie looks fairly logical, and is being taken by someone on their own, a tourist who wants a memento of having made it all the way to Scotland, and to be pictured in Glasgow’s world-famous square:

George Square Selfie Stick

George Square Selfie Stick


The subject was one of a group, probably a family holiday, and there would have no problem in having someone take a better shot, as they were all carrying, and using, phones with cameras:

George Square Selfie Stick Why

George Square Selfie Stick Why

So I, at least, am not really any the wiser (but I did get a live selfie stick pic).

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