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Could Shettleston be home to a creepy new restaurant?

It can be weird reading some people’s opinions regarding repurposed buildings.

Some see a creepy past as a reason to go, others find the same thing as a reason to run a mile, and would never even cross the threshold.

So, I’m left wondering how the masses would respond to permission for change of use to these premises in Shettleston Road.

Excuse the pic, the day I would have been there poured and plans were changed, but I did realise the bus was going to pass the door, so gave the flypast a shot to see if the pic came out. Could have been worse on a dull day that ruled out a fast shutter speed. Main mistake was presetting the zoom to be too close (or waited too long to take the shot).

James Hardie Funeral Services To Let May Sell

James Hardie Funeral Services To Let May Sell

It will be interesting to see if this one is reported again, if the application to prepare and sell food in a building where corpses were stored and prepared for burial is looked on favourably, or rejected.

It’s hard to predict the outcome of such things, as the planners have so many things to take into account.

Then there’s that upper storey – who wants to live over a funeral parlour – or a stinky, noisy restaurant with takeaway?

PLANNERS are being asked to let vacant funeral director premises be turned into a restaurant with takeaway.

The change-of-use application has been submitted for a building on Shettleston Road, Glasgow.

The upper floor would be converted into a three-bedroom flat.

RESTAURANT Plan Aims To Breathe New Life Into Empty East End Funeral Parlour

Nice wordplay in the that title 🙂

The new owners could theme the restaurant if they get the go-ahead.

Coffins for tables, and chairs with gravestone backs, and cutlery fashioned after the style of surgical instruments.

And the lucky chef could serve Halloween cakes every night.

Halloween Cake

Halloween Cake

Yes, I know, it’s not one of the gory ones 😦

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Would you believe I was assaulted twice while cycling last week?

I’m slightly glad the weather deteriorated last week (unless you were a fish that like to go for a walk), since it meant I didn’t have to wonder if it was safe to go out cycling.

While my encounter with (yet another) angry old bike hating man of Glasgow didn’t constitute assault, two other incidents unfortunately did.

While the old geezer did shout at me, he didn’t make any sort of threat, or physical move towards me, so didn’t satisfy the general definition of assault, which does not actually require any contact to be made:

Assault is a relatively common charge in Scotland, arising from attack against another person with intent to cause harm or injury, or which puts the victim in a state of fear for their physical safety.

But the two others did.

The first was while waiting for the cycle path lights to change near Kelvingrove Park, when a male youth from a nearby school approached me and raised his hand towards the handle bars of my bike. When I stopped him, I was offered the option of being stabbed (by a schoolkid!).

As we exchanged words, he suddenly ran off – I was puzzled by this until I thought about what was happening when he took off.

I had reached down to adjust the bottom of my trousers while I was speaking and commenting on his stabbing offer, but it could have looked as if I was reaching into the edge of my boots (yes, I wear substantial boots when I cycle), and if we’ve watched enough TV, we all know what violent people carry stuck down the side of their boots.

The second was only a day later, as I headed home and had just entered Tollcross Park, as I’ve done on dozens, if not hundreds of times.

There was a group of youths on bikes coming the other way.

As I passed the group, the one at the front shouted “QUICK, SOMEBODY PUNCH HIM AFF THAT BIKE AN’ GRAB IT!”

I’ve no idea if this was a serious call or not, but I was past the group when it was made, and just carried on – and noted I wasn’t being chased or followed.

While there was another incident, it didn’t involve me, but did feature a piece of road/location I regularly use, AND at a time I’d be likely to be there.

Fortunately, the following happened on a day during which I wasn’t out and about.

Attempted murder in Shettleston – 33-year-old hit by car in broad daylight ‘targeted’ attack

Time for pic.

Lovely Pettigrew Street disappearing off to the left, with Amulree Street and the rear of Kingco (supermarket) on the right.

Even made the BBC: Car driven at man in Shettleston ‘attempted murder’

Pettigrew Street

Pettigrew Street

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World’s slowest shopfitting

I’m not sure how long ago I got a ‘Hat Tip’ about a new cafe opening in Shettleston, but it was so long ago I was sure I’d missed it after I had to change my route and didn’t pass the spot for weeks/months after being alerted.

I was wrong, and even thought the tip was a dead one, since there was no work evident on the empty unit when I did eventually get back.

But that was wrong too, and I eventually spotted work had started, but seemed to be going very slowly, and again I thought it had died.

Then I passed a few weeks ago, and spotted doors and windows had appeared, together with posters in the windows promising an opening.

That was a couple of months ago. While it’s still not open, work continues as seen in occasional passes, although I’m not passing this way at the moment, so if it suddenly opens, I’ll probably miss it, although work was still in progress when I did pass recently.

The weather was pretty poor the day I was there for some pics, which had to be taken from some distance (due to the road layout), and the poor camera couldn’t cope with the demand, so they’re pretty bad, but at least readable.

At least the slow progress means it should be bright and sunny when I do get opening pics, and they’ll look better (unless we reach autumn by then).

Gia's Italian Cafe

Gia’s Italian Cafe

Poster detail from windows.

Cafe Gia posters

Cafe Gia posters

As an aside, I notice another cafe managed to open and start trading while this one is being prepared.

I only caught it while travelling past, and noted it had opened in one of my favourite shops in Shettleston Road, where I guess the ladies that ran it finally retired. At the same time, I noticed a traditional clothes shop had also gone, presumably as the elderly ladies that ran it also retired.

Both original shops have gone, and I don’t have pics of them.

Learn the lesson that if you think something might disappear, and it should have been obvious these would eventually disappear unless someone took them over, and that was probably unlikely as both were based on layouts that ‘ smart young people’ would have considered obsolete and of no interest… grab a pic or two, just to be safe.

When it’s gone, it’s gone – and you can’t take pics of something that’s not there!

On a positive note, Google’s Street View and timeline mean such thing are no longer total losses when they do vanish without warning,

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Oh look! A horse drawn hearse

While I’ve heard the clip-clop of a horse-drawn hearse passing, it’s usually gone by the time I get to where it was.

No such problems this time as it looked like the equivalent of a breakdown recovery service was doing its stuff when I spotted this one.

I don’t know what happened, and couldn’t hang around long enough to see the conclusion, but I did collect a couple of pics.

I suspect this is from a nearby undertaker based in Shettleston (onty a few minutes away), who offers  not only horse-drawn hearses for special occasions, but also limousines, vintage hearses, and even motorcycle hearses.

I think they’ve all been along this road as some time, as it’s the preferred route to the local crematorium, and I’ve been in one or two of those cortèges.

Horse drawn hearse

Horse drawn hearse

Would you believe… Made in Falkirk.

Not sure if the lorry was collecting or delivering the horses. Everybody was just standing around, although there was much discussion going on via mobile phone, but I couldn’t make out a word.

When I passed again, about half an hour later, the hearse was gone, but the lorry was still there, all closed up.

The lorry does contain TWO horses, although the second is almost hidden by the shadows.

Horse drawn hearse and horse lorry

Horse drawn hearse and horse lorry

For the observant, I ‘fixed’ the pic so the subjects were aligned and level, as the camber of the road made them look decidedly odd.

If you think the house in the background is leaning, that’s why. It’s not your eyes, they’re fine.

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For Maplin, read Aldi?

Aldi, just like buses, when you really want one there are none, then they all arrive at once!

For years, I’ve had to go into Glasgow, Rutherglen, or Cambuslang to get to an Aldi (from Shettleston).

This year, we finally got an Aldi in Shettleston, so no more long trips for their offers.


Only a few months later, and it seems they’re trying to get permission to open another east end Aldi, this time in the Forge Retail Park.

If the pics with the story are anything to go by, it looks as if they’re looking to take over the former Maplin unit.

DISCOUNT food retailer Aldi is being lined up for a store at a retail park in Glasgow’s East End.

Under the plan, two units at Forge Retail Park, Gallowgate, would be converted into a supermarket, creating around 50 jobs.

Glasgow City planners are being asked to relax restrictions on the amount of food shop floorspace allowed at the site so the proposal can go ahead.

A statement from consultants Zander Planning, submitted to the city council on behalf of The Forge Retail Park Unit Trust, explains: “The retail park has been the subject of a number of vacancies and the key demand from occupiers is for food/convenience retailing. Little or no interest has been shown from non-food retailers.

“The proposal seeks to deliver additional convenience/food retail floorspace to allow the occupation of Units 2 and 3a by a discount food retailer, Aldi.”

EAST End Store Plan For Supermarket Chain Aldi

I hope that reference to “convenience/food retail floorspace” is not literal.

Shettleston’s Aldi has proven to be rather disappointing in its range of stock, trending heavily towards food and missing many of the non-food goodies I’m used to seeing in the other branches I mentioned.

The retail park is a lot closer than the others, so if a new store there did stock more of the non-food goodies, I wouldn’t mind the extra distance compared to the Shettleston branch which is almost literally on my doorstep.

Even though Maplin had started selling some right rubbish, and the place was almost deserted whenever I dropped in, I didn’t want to lose one of the originals, and with no other similar business to take up the slack, do miss the place.

Maplin Closing

Maplin might make way for Aldi

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The shutter mural says ‘Gorgeous’

Interesting style.

Gorgeous shutter mural

Gorgeous shutter mural

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Off we go again – yet more ‘local’ violence

That didn’t take long.

The day after I noted “An 89-year-old woman sustained injuries in an attack by two men who robbed her of her handbag inside a block of tenement flats” very close to where I can be – and we’re off again, even closer…

Two men have been arrested after an 18-year-old man was stabbed on a Glasgow street.

The teenager was seriously injured in an attack on Dalveen Street in Shettleston just before 02:00 on Sunday.

Two arrested after teenager stabbed in Glasgow street

At least it happened around midnight, I might wander around late, but not THAT late!

I really am hopeless with local street names, and turn into a blubbering mass of jelly if anyone pulls up and asks me for directions.

Despite walking miles around my local streets, I actually know, or can place, very few of them by name.

Dalveen Street rang a bell, but I had to check, and was disappointed to find it was a street I’ve started using fairly regularly in the past few months. I used to have friends that stayed there years ago, and always think of it as a fairly quiet spot.


Obviously I look at the feeds too soon!

There was more later in the evening.

Govanhill has fallen off my list, but I was there regularly some years back, so still include it.

Teen rushed to hospital with eye injury after incident in Govanhill

Rutherglen is still in my regular wandering, so this one gets noted too.

Man arrested and charged following serious assault in King’s Park

Violent crimes

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Now stuff is getting serious almost on my doorstep

Not really much to add, but some people are disgusting, especially at this time of year.

A would-be thief threatened a woman with a syringe before trying to grab her bag as she left a pharmacy in Shettleston in Glasgow.

The robbery bid happened on Shettleston Road, opposite Etive Street, at about 09:10 on Saturday.

The man let go of the woman’s bag after a struggle and made off along Shettleston Road towards the city centre.

The woman, although shaken by the incident, was not injured.

The suspect is described as white, 5ft 4in tall, 25 to 30 years of age, with dark hair, of skinny build and with a gaunt, pale complexion.

He was wearing a dark, shiny jacket and black tracksuit bottoms.

Woman threatened by robber with syringe in Shettleston

These types don’t even care about the police.

Going from my own memory, this is the second violent incident to have taken place almost outside Shettleston Police Station in recent years.

Oh well.

Pity it was 9 am and not 9 pm.

This is the part of Shettleston Road where the Christmas lights are fitted.

The Chemist’s Shop is on the left, near the illuminated sign, while the Police Station is on the right, where the illuminated square clock can be seen mounted on the side of the building.

Shettleston Christmas Lights West View 2

Shettleston Christmas Lights West View 2

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New Shettleston Aldi opened without me

Hard to believe, I know, but they went ahead with the opening of the new Aldi in Shettleston on Thursday, even though I made it known that I wouldn’t be going out that day, thanks to storm Diana dumping her load on us then, and giving us a couple of days of steady rain.

Oh well.

Things had dried up by Saturday though (I know it’s traditionally fun to mock weather forecasts, but I seriously suggest you mock anyone who does – they really are accurate IF you don’t misinterpret them), so I was out for the day as it was set to be dry (OK, with the odd spot of rain drops).

I was out in the daylight (strange stuff) and stopped as I passed the new Aldi, curious to see if anyone was there.

Not only were there people there, the car park was full to overflowing!

I guess they’ve learned they should have opened here sooner.

I never visit these stores (Aldi and Lidl) during the day, as they are far too busy now.

Late night shopping is the trick with them, and you can have the place almost to yourself.

I dropped in later the same night, and the first thing I noticed was the massive width of the aisles – I can’t see them leaving the place like this. Maybe they do this until they see how sales are going, then add more if the store shows it is busy. They could easily add more shelves and STILL have wide aisles here.

This was actually noticeable in the range of stock, which to my eyes was LESS than in the other three Aldis that can be found within a few miles of this new one.

I had to hunt for some of my usual goodies I wanted to stock up on, and even found a few were missing from the shelves.

As I left, a container lorry loaded with more goodies arrived, and I got treated to a nice display of trailer reversing into the delivery bay – straight in first time. Some drivers are really good.

OH! One other small point.

Aldi provide decent (very) solid bike racks – a trick Lidl hasn’t learnt, even at its newest stores, or recently upgraded older ones either.

By way of comparison, Tesco provides racks, but Morrisons doesn’t.

I find the omission strange these days.

Shettleston Aldi Opened

Shettleston Aldi Opened

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Oops, Sorry Aldi Shettleston, storm Diana beat your opening

No luck.

Since I’d followed it so far, I thought I should at least mention this.

But with storm Diana arriving about the same time, and me not being close enough to mean the wind and rain I’d meet on my there and back to be insignificant, I’m afraid the opening of the new Aldi in Shettleston was onto ‘plums’ yesterday.

This quick look at our local rainfall from 00:01 on Thursday until now (13:00 Friday) gives you an idea – unfortunately, rainfall sensors just don’t show the little showers that go on all the time, they just accumulate, then trigger a larger reading.

Diana Rain

Diana Rain

Even the offer of a bag of vegetables (I think the first thirty customers through the door got that as a free gift) wasn’t enough to tempt me.

Today’s no better, as the wind and rain is still coming in waves – no doubt intended by Diana to tempt the naive out of the door during the quiet spells – to catch the unwary if they dare step outside if the Sun shines, which it actually does at times.

But most of the time, the rain is bouncing off my windows, and I’m pulling the duvet over my head.

So, no update to this last pic.

Aldi Fitting


Oh – looking at the weather forecast, tomorrow (Saturday) looks like light cloud and a gentle breeze, with rain at 20% or less probability.

That’s better than Sunday (75% chance of rain, even if it is a bit warmer), so I might have to try to remember to take that first wander tomorrow, and not make the mistake of waiting for better weather.

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Shettleston Aldi to open on November 29

They DID tell us!

Shettleston’s Aldi is set to open on Thursday, 29 November.

And the date was on the news site I thought might be the one to have it.

Opening date announced for new Aldi store in Shettleston

The new 1,140 sq metre Shettleston shop will stock more than 400 Scottish products from 80 supplies across the country.

All joking aside, it is interesting to actually read the labels on what they sell (and to be fair, this applies equally to the other supermarkets too). Mouthy activists and media looking for ‘clickbait’ like to slag off supermarkets for not supporting local produce, but in the real world, away from biased individuals and reporting, things are actually pretty good.

Oh, this old pic will do 🙂

Aldi Fitting

Aldi Fitting

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