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New Aldi almost made me panic tonight

I’ve been trying to find out when our big new Shettleston Aldi actually opens its doors.

A local media source seems to like mentioning such things, but Shettleston may be too down-market and not on its radar, as nothing mentioned so far.

I’ve tried watching Aldi’s own web page for this shop. Currently it does not show up if you ask it to find the store in their search tool, but you can find this page by other means.

Aldi Shettleston

So far, it has store details, and refers to the opening in November, but does not give a date (yet?).

I haven’t been here for ages, but had to pass it tonight, and from a distance thought they had sneaked the Grand Opening past me!

The place was fully lit, shining brightly, the perimeter security fencing was all gone, the car park was laid, and the shop signs were lit.

There seemed to people moving around too – but when I got closer I was relieved to see they were just shopfitters, still working on the interior. I also noticed all the entrances were coned off.

Just as well, since I’d given up and had been in the High Street shop a few hours earlier – to buy ‘essential supplies’ since I couldn’t wait for this place any longer.

Still… there are no signs around to suggest when it will open for business.

Could be the end of the month, as the interior is not done, the terminals and systems have to go in and be commissioned, and of course, the place has to be stocked, the shelves filled for the first time, and an inventory established.

While an experienced team could have this done in days, it’s still a fair bit of work, especially if there are the inevitable snags, so this is more than ‘a few days’.

Incidentally, if you noticed I’ve referred to how close this Aldi store is to Tesco (a Tesco ‘extra’ store, open 24 hours) in the past, and wondered how close ‘close’ was, just have a look at the right hand side of this pic, and you’ll know.

Click these for a bit bigger.

Aldi Fitting

Aldi Fitting

I wasn’t sure if the ‘Tesco extra’ would be big enough to see in the first grab, then I couldn’t decide which pic I like – so you get both.

The first one (above) has been properly processed – the one below had just had some highlights and shadows improved.

Aldi Fitters Escaping

Aldi Fitters Escaping


November 20 – web page says:

Opening date

The grand opening of this new ALDI supermarket will take place in November 2018. For potential changes to the opening date, continue checking back here.

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Shettleston station fun

While this started out as nothing more than a chance grab of a train stopped at Shettleston station, chance played a part and turned it into a funny.

While the static pic doesn’t convey the feeling of the live action at the time, as I lined up the pic two girls walked into the scene, and by the time I pressed the shutter, one of them had stormed off, and looked as she was stomping off to have a serious word with someone just of sight, behind the train, and that the word would be emphasised with the clenched fists she was sporting.

Poor guy, I hope someone called an ambulance for him.

Shettleston Station

Shettleston Station

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Aw c’mon Aldi – it’s November already!

You may remember an earlier post, where I FINALLY got know what was being built on the site once occupied by Shettleston’s Halfords.

Well, it’s November, the promised opening month, and the place isn’t open!

OK, I’m being naughty, and this pic was only taken on the night of 02 November, so they have another 28 days (oh-oh, THAT’s ominous) to go and still meet their promise.

I’m just grumpy since I just finished the last jar of their Peasant’s Special strawberry jam, and wanted to replenish the stock. While we hear complaints of ‘price fixing’ for expensive branded muck (which is a huge rip-off charging mugs a fortune for a brand name), so far, nobody seems to have noticed, or complained, about all the supermarkets selling jars of strawberry jam for 28 p.

I once bought jars from all of them, initially to see if it was the same red concoction in all of them, and it just got a different label stuck on the jar as it left the line.

It’s not – they’re all quite different (one was so poor, it could almost be poured out of the jar), and Aldi’s seems to be the best of the bunch, or maybe it would be more accurate to say that the other brands are not worth paying about 4 times the price for a ‘name’ on the jar, and some are 7 times that price. And no matter how nice they may be, that just leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

So, I’ll either have to make the long hike to one of the existing branches (we simply don’t have one in the end of the east end), or keep things ticking along with the best of the rest.

Hopefully, this place will open soon.

It’s not that far off. I’ve been watching its progress, and it just keeps moving steadily towards completion. I’m sure they could have completed this sooner, but they seem to have chosen a project schedule, and rather than hurry along with the potential to fail to complete on time, they really have just plodded along, seeming to complete each phase, then move onto the next. It’s actually  nice to see work being carried out like this, instead of the more usual slide from one crisis and missed milestone to another, and eventual late completion.

I’m also mildly intrigued be the close proximity to nearby Tesco, which you would be able to see if this new building was not in the way.

The local Co-op (aka Kingco) is almost the same distance away, along the road to the left – but it is a joke, having significantly downsized the area of its shop recently, I don’t know if it will survive the addition of Aldi to the exiting Tesco.

I don’t really know how even the smaller premises has survived Tesco’s arrival – the Co-op’s prices are joke, or more accurately a nightmare, being not a little higher than all the others in many cases, but significantly higher, as in 20% or more for the same products.

They should use the money to buy wheelchairs, I need one to get back out, every time I walk in and see their prices!

November Aldi

November Aldi

As close as I can get to the door.

Aldi Works

Aldi Works

I’m never sure just how far to push some night pics, as I don’t like it when they begin to look artificial, and I never want to get to the stage of some, who seem to apply filters to EVERY pic they take, and they all look horrible.

Plain, as taken pic of the above.

Dark Aldi

Dark Aldi

But if I didn’t care about how natural it looks, I could make it into Pushed Aldi.

Pushed Aldi

Pushed Aldi

I do use this technique sometime, but only when some detail lost in the darkness is more important than the quality of the image itself.

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Almost weekly now – shootings in Glasgow

Am I the only one who sees this?

I would have noted the dates, had I thought it was going to become a regular occurrence, but as the media reports other cities are looking to Glasgow as a model for dealing with knives, it seems to be missing the almost weekly reports of apparently targeted shootings in the east end.

And I don’t think they’re being entirely honest about the knives either, as I’m pretty sure a review of the number of slashings and stabbings around the city is embarrassingly high, and worrying, as the incidents seem to be reported as ‘random’ or ‘unprovoked’, unlike the shootings.

I wasn’t near any news from Friday night until Sunday night, and being out all day Sunday meant I didn’t know that this road closure I hit on Sunday afternoon actually related to an incident on Saturday.

I thought I’d just missed something recent, from earlier in the day, as there were media photographers just packing up their kit.

Wellshot Road Closed

Wellshot Road Closed

Looking down the road, it was clear they were pretty serious, but I didn’t find out why until later that night, when I first saw the news.

Hunt for masked gunmen after man shot in murder bid

Man fighting for life in hospital after shooting at flat

Man shot in Glasgow flat by masked attackers

Images from the scene as police lock down Shettleston road following targeted shooting

Drivers asked to avoid Shettleston area as police probe targeted shooting

Two masked men behind targeted shooting in Glasgow’s east end as victim is critical in hospital

Police Quarantine Wellshot Road

Police Quarantine Wellshot Road

Seriously, after tougher firearms laws were introduced a few years ago, it seems we have MORE incidents than before, when I used to think of incidents like this being separated by years.

Perhaps time to think it may not be the AMOUNT of such law we have, but what they are directed at.

I’m always minded to think of how there are calls for laws that are TOO SPECIFIC, as seems the case in certain types of assault.

Seriously, why do we have them? They just muddy the waters, and can even lead to cases being dropped if criteria are not met for some technical reason, if say the wrong charge is brought.

Assault is assault, end of story, and should simply be charged on that basis – not have someone with an agenda or personal issue trying to up the penalties in ‘special cases’.

Another look down the road, before we go.

Police Quarantine Wellshot Road

Police Quarantine Wellshot Road

(Remind me NOT to make posts like this: I miss everything, even on my own doorstep)

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The new build is an Aldi, not more flats

Remember I mentioned a new build in Shettleston, but which was a secret as there were no contractor’s boards, or any other signs around the site to give away what was coming?

See here: What are we getting on the old Halfords site

It’s more than a month since I was able to take a look, but last night was worth effort.

We’re getting an Adi – at long last.

While Lidl’s not too bad (nearest is in Tollcross, but there’s Baillieston too), Aldi means a trip to Cambuslang, Rutherglen, or the city centre (High Street), all of which are about 5 miles away.

They’re not fast at building these places – as can be seen, the place won’t up and running until November, and that’s four months away.

Having three of each to choose from I’ve found an interesting difference…

The three Lidls are always as near identical in stock as makes no difference.

However, the three Aldis are always worth dropping into just to see what they have that differs between them. Their clearances and reductions also seem to be independent, as I’ve picked up bargains in one, while the others don’t have the same items marked down.

I wonder if this will be the death-blow for the local Co-op?

Prices in the Co-op are ridiculously high, consistently ranging up to 20% more than Tesco and Asda (and obviously well above Lidl and Aldi), and the Shettleston store sold off half of its floor space not long after Tesco open a few streets away.

I walk in, walk round, then walk out after checking their prices. They tried to get me back in with their Dividend Scheme, but while that gives back 5% of your spend, it only applies to Co-op branded items.

Believe it or not (but it is true), even their ‘Reduced for quick sale’ item prices are still higher than Tesco.

Here’s the reveal for the new Aldi.

Shettleston Aldi

Shettleston Aldi

And the clue to the November opening date.

Aldi November

Aldi November

I just hope this ground/site is not jinxed.

Going by memory (pretty risky where my memory is concerned), so far, every shop that has opened here has closed within a few years, or been revamped after a while, to carry on for a few more years, then closed.

If I’d thought, I could have had a collection of photos to show the changes over the years, but it never occurred to me that the change would be so constant here.

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‘Vaguely Soviet mural’ is gone

Sad to see the mural I dubbed as ‘Vaguely Soviet’ has gone, to be replaced by something more conventional.

See the original here: Vaguely Soviet Shettleston mural

Looks like I caught this one early, and it’s currently a ‘Work in Progress’.

Despite the appearance of the pic, it was actually quite late as I passed the scene and spotted the change, and I couldn’t see how much of the creation was still initial sketch with no colour added. I only realised this when I saw the original pic.

I’ll have to get past again, and catch the finished work.

Shettleston Wellshot Road Mural Work

Shettleston Wellshot Road Mural Work

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Things are crawling out of Glasgow’s bins

Passing through Shettleston one night, I wondered if there was maybe an unknown nuclear reactor somewhere, or if someone had been illegally dumping naughty chemicals and pollutants in the drains.

GIANT SNAILS crawling out of the bins!

There are times I’m glad I can’t afford booze.

Genetic Mutation 1

Genetic Mutation 1

At least they don’t move very fast.

Since I’d missed the face, I got a chance to make up for that mistake the next day.

Genetic Mutation 2

Genetic Mutation 2

Doesn’t look threatening at all (until it jumps on your face and smothers you).

In fact, the funniest thing about this pic is almost invisible.

Can you believe this is fitted with a ‘Safety Belt’ for the seat, to keep the fragile little mite sitting in it safe?

Maybe the REAL idea is to let harassed parents strap them in, so they can get some peace, and the kid can’t escape and wander away.

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There goes the Angler’s Rendezvous, into retiral after 55 years

Looks like a familiar landmark is set to disappear.

The Angler’s Rendezvous was (for me at least) a surprise reuse of one of the local ‘watering holes’ when it closed some years ago.

Unfortunate, that was so long ago I’ve no idea what the pub was called in its day.

So, although the shop may have enjoyed “55 Wonderful Years” I don’t know where the first of those years were enjoyed.

Not sure if it was actually closed by the time I took this pic – unfortunately my route in recent weeks has been nowhere near this, so I don’t know how long the sign has been up.

It was a handy place to look for bargains, even before this sale, as the owners did have a little second-hand section, and offered odd items to clear them if they hadn’t sold.

Amongst goodies I picked up there were a Gore-Tex waterproof jacket for a few pounds, some nice warm fleecy under-trousers, and an impressive pair of wellies, really handy as they had full length zippers to make them easy to get on and off.

Originally £199.99 for some reason they had never sold. Wonder why?

To use the standard expression, I picked them up AND got change from £40 too.

All handy for anyone living in Scotland!

Anglers Rendezvous Closing Down

Anglers Rendezvous Closing Down

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From the missing cat poster archive – Wee Cait

Found this forgotten in the archives – I wonder if the owners got lucky?

Not entirely sure exactly where this one was spotted, but it was near Shettleston.

Have to comment…

LACK of detail!

Wee Cait Missing Cat

Wee Cait Missing Cat


I’ve said coincidences follow me, and one was waiting for me as I neared home after ‘collecting’ the above poster.

I saw two, maybe three, black and white kitten running around a front garden as I walked along the road, and when I reached the house concerned was greet by a pair of curious eye watching carefully through the hedge.

Of course, the other(s) had retreated to cover, and this one was just waiting to follow but was just a tad braver, so the pic had to be grabbed, and no option for focus selection, as the autofocus always defaults to the nearest objects, and my intended subject was actually behind. Still better than nothing though.

Spy Kitten

Spy Kitten

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Shettleston’s Christmas lights – still up (but not on)

I can’t recall how long the were left on (and I’m far to lazy to look back) but I do remember it took a while for anybody to remember to switch off Shettleston’s Christmas lights.

No such problem this time, and they went dark not long after Hogmanay.


This year it looks as if nobody has remembered to go collect them, and they’re still hanging up there even though we’re now eating into March.

They’re not lit, that just reflected light on the framework that making them show up in the dark.

Shettleston Christmas Lights

Shettleston Christmas Lights

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Ice-cream so good…

Ice-cream so good – whoever bought it barely tasted it before leaving it on the seat in a bus shelter.

Maybe it was just the arrival of the freezing cold weather that put them off, as Scotland is just starting to REALLY enjoy the freezing cold air being blasted in from the east of the country, from Russia and Siberia. See Why the UK will be so cold

Or maybe they had a taste – and that was enough!

It’s not unusual, and while the media and those who like to score political points choose to insult the rest of us by claiming children in Scotland are both living in poverty AND going hungry, when I see school kids in the street, they are carrying the most expensive tiny bottles of juice, and things like this tiny tub of ice-cream, also horrendously expensive.

Worse still, the streets are littered with such bottles discarded after only a couple of gulps have been drunk from them, and the same goes for that other expensive accessory – a plastic bottle of bottled water.

Shettleston Ice Cream

Shettleston Ice Cream

This pic also confirms I’m a vampire (why do you think I take so many night pics?) – I cast no reflection in the glass side of the bus shelter!

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