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Hope the spray tans are better than the spray mural

I thought I’d caught most of the shutter murals around here, but since they can usually only be seen at night, after the shops have closed, it’s hard to make sure I wander along all the appropriate streets so late in the day.

This one surprised me recently, as I’d not seen it before.

It may be just be me, and maybe I am being overly critical or demanding, but I thing the quality of the artwork shows a steady decline since the first of these shutter murals appeared, and the idea caught on.

Maybe the earlier murals were produced by artists or talented people, while the later or more recent efforts are from others making ‘best efforts’, and avoiding the cost of employing someone.

Just curious.

Spray Tanning shutter mural

Spray Tanning shutter mural

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder


From my collection of shop shutter murals, evidence that (L.A.) Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and that pink is the order of the day along this part of Shettleston Road.

In case you hadn’t noticed, this shop front is… PINK!

LA Beauty

LA Beauty

When I pass every day, I can’t help seeing…

Patrick Star

Patrick Star

I’m biased, but I preferred it when this shop was a butcher’s shop.

That was notable for the time a little black kitten was resident, which all the customers loved to visit.

All but one that is.

And the kitten had to go after someone registered an official complaint with the authorities about its presence in the shop.

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