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Anderston Kelvingrove Parish Church is now The Pyramid at Anderston

Not sure if ‘good’ or ‘bad’.

My wandering finally took me past the interesting building which is, or was, Anderston Kelvingrove Parish Church.

I took some pics, and made some notes.

My route changed again, so I didn’t see it for a while, when I did, it looked as if the ‘Bright Young Things’ of a sales and marketing company had given it a makeover, and repackaged it.

It’s changed its name, renamed its web site, got a (spit) Facecrook page, and has a shiny new sign, branded with a new logo and corporate theme.

It’s no longer ‘Anderston Kelvingrove Parish Church’ – you’ll have to look for signs presenting ‘The Pyramid at Anderston’.

Anderston Kelvingrove Parish Church

Anderston Kelvingrove Parish Church

As was:

Anderston Kelvingrove Chorch of ScotlandAnderston Kelvingrove Church of Scotland

Anderston Kelvingrove Church of Scotland

New sign beside the church.

Anderston Kelvingrove Parish Church New Street Sign

Anderston Kelvingrove Parish Church New Street Sign


Anderston Kelvingrove Parish Church The Pyramid At Anderston Sign

Anderston Kelvingrove Parish Church The Pyramid At Anderston Sign


Anderston Kelvingrove Parish Church The Pyramid At Anderston Sign

Anderston Kelvingrove Parish Church The Pyramid At Anderston Sign

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Union Street bus gate sign

I got the chance to take a couple of quick pics related to the new bus gate I mentioned recently. Appropriately, both were taken from one of the buses which should benefit from the gate.

I grabbed the first as we were negotiating the cheeky dog-leg that sees the bus travel north against the normal one way traffic flow to the south in Jamaica Street, as it transits from Howard Street into Midland Street, on the left. Both Midland Street and Howard Street (at this location) are two-way, and the two flows have to alternate as these streets are narrow. In fact, the entry into Midland Street is so tight that if any dopey/impatient car driver stops on the cycle area ahead of the vehicular stop line, the bus usually can’t make the turn, and the offending driver has to find a way to back up out of the bus’s way. And that’s not always easy if a queue has stopped behind the eejit.

It’s also a good idea to remember the oncoming buses if you are cycling along Midland Street, and keep to the left if the lights are at red, otherwise you’re going to be face to face with around 8 tonnes of bus – and that’s just best avoided, even if it is moving at walking pace.

The second pic was sheer chance in Union Street, when I saw the warning sign about the impending arrival of the bus gate, and tried to catch it as the bus passed.

I only had one chance, and I’m surprised I even caught it, given the ‘wake-up’ time of the camera.

Union Street Bus Gate Sign

Union Street Bus Gate Sign

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Vegans, support your local butcher

I’d almost suggest this butcher was a great guy, but…

He spoiled it right at the end.

Vegan Friendly Butcher

Vegan Friendly Butcher

If you don’t know why, then brush up on your spelling/grammar.

Otherwise, I’d say this was a classic.

(I might even fix it if I get a spare moment later, I think it deserves the effort.)

I might even give him a (single) free pass for the bad grammar. He might be helping the Bank of England’s campaign to upset vegans too ūüôā

The new £50 note will contain animal fat, because the only viable alternative would be palm oil

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A little bit of Wiltshire in Glasgow

If you happen to be on the Clyde Walkway or NCN75 section between the newish Clydeside Distillery and Riverside (transport museum), have a closer than normal look at what appears to be a cycle route marker on one of the wooden uprights supporting some billboards at the side of Stobcross Road, facing Kelvinhaugh and the SWG3 venue across the road.

Facing west along this path you’ll see a little cycle sign that appears to belong there.

It doesn’t!

Kelvinhaugh Wiltshire Cycleway

Kelvin haugh Wiltshire Cycleway

I’ve gone flying past this sign dozens of times without actually reading it, just seeing the little cycle on it.

Unless there’s some little-known area known as Wiltshire here (perhaps like Egypt in Tollcross), then this sign is definitely in the wrong place.

A little closer, just to be sure it’s not the tired old eyes playing tricks.

Wiltshire Cycleway sign

Wiltshire Cycleway sign

Either somebody’s having a laugh, and maybe found (or stole) this sign and ‘repurposed’ it (the screws don’t look ‘right’), or the supports for those billboards were made from reclaimed timber, and that sign just happened to be attached, and just happened to end up facing the right way on this Glasgow cycle route.

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‘LYON’ ghost sign

Ghost signs are signs and notices relating to shops and businesses from years ago.

They can be painted on walls, and be barely visible today, or may be hidden behind current shop signs, only becoming visible if the shop gets a new sign installed, and the previous one is discarded.

I had been looking at a guy who popped up on a rooftop just along from the Beresford (he was supposed to be there, working on something), when I noticed an outline I hadn’t spotted before, looking like a vertical ‘LYON’ advert which was painted on a back wall years ago.

Sauchiehall Street LYON ghost sign

Sauchiehall Street LYON ghost sign

I’m guessing there may have been a Lyons tea shop somewhere in the street below this, but also wonder what happened to the ‘S’, since the proper name was “Lyons’ Tea”.

Maybe it would have been obscured by the roof line of the day, so they didn’t bother.

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Friendly Glasgow sign

One of those irritating pics as I can’t quite recall exactly where it is.

I’m pretty sure it’s a slightly obscure side or back street around Parkhead, where quite a few business are ever so slightly ticked off on match days at a nearby football ground, when ‘fans’ park their cars on any bit of ground not protected by yellow paint – and the wealthy ones just ignore that anyway.

Rather than try ‘polite’ requests to protect their ground and property, many owners have resorted to the simple expedient of earth barriers or mounds around the perimeter. A foot or two high (less than a metre, or enough to beach a 4×4 or SUV that might try to drive over) and these¬† blocks most vehicles, and makes it hard for anyone not invited onto the land to argue that they didn’t realise they were somewhere they were not invited to be.

Others, and property agents, have recently added metal fences and gates to secure what many may see simply as ‘spare ground’.

Private property towing sign

Private property towing sign

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Sad sign seen in Parkhead

I featured one of these signs a while ago, but that one was anonymous.

This one’s different, and carries branding for the Parkhead Development Company.

It’s one of those things that worries me, and makes me scared to get too close to anyone I might be walking next to in the street, if they’re as dumb as it implies.

Do people REALLY need a sign to be placed telling them…

May Be Damp Sign

May Be Damp Sign

I don’t know what things are like in tenements today, but in the old days there was a stair washing rota, and all those up a close had to wash the stairs in turn.

There were no signs – if you looked at the stairs and they were wet – they were wet!

If they were not wet – they were dry!

Sadly, it seems that today, people need a sign to inform them of this state.

Does this mean they are thick?

Or is it yet another sign of our keenly litigated times when anything that may be a nice little claim means a rush to the courts, so the company needs to put these signs on display as a defence against carelessness, to prevent some Buckfast soaked local from suing them if they arrive home and take a header down the stairs, or slip on the floor?

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Would you rather drown or be electrocuted?

I’ve passed this lifebelt quite a few times, and (as someone involved in electrical safety) can’t help having a little laugh.

I should probably say that this is NOT an official lifebelt post – they are marked by proper identifiers giving safety details, and proper identification of the location to help emergency services, if needed.

Someone has just hung the ring here – which, to be fair, is probably better than throwing it in the river, which some seem to think is fun.

But the real fun would be if there was a bit of (electrical) leakage around here, and the wet lifebelt and rope was thrown to aid some poor sod in the water.

132 kV (that’s 132,000 volts for the non-techs, a little more than the 240 volts found at home) is definitely going to make it along a wet rope and waken up anyone who grabs it.

There would be options – death by drowning, or death by electrocution.

I am kidding here, just because of the sign the ring is hanging from.

You’re not in any electrical danger from this.

The hydrogen dioxide in the river though… that can kill you.

It’s been said that everyone who has drunk the stuff has died, without exception (that’s a joke – look it up).

HV Lifebelt

HV Lifebelt

The local dross has been sticking stickers on the sign, so you can’t see it properly.

Here’s a nice clean one.

Clyde HV Sign

Clyde HV Sign

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Useful fun at Poundland

Just out of curiosity… Anybody missing Poundworld?

I’m not.

The thought came to mind as I was wandering through the BIG Poundland in Argyle Street, and looking critically at a lot of the stuff. This place even has a clothes department, but I have to admit I’ve not even looked at that side of the shop. I was looking at the tech stuff.

I had already noted that it’s a good idea to memorise food prices before assuming Poundland’s offerings are good value. It’s easy to pick stuff up without thinking, get caught up the ¬£1 brainstorm, and get caught out. But knowing the prices of your favourites means you CAN spot the best buys.

Incidentally, I recently spotted some odd brand names (as stocked by Poundland) starting to appear in our local supermarkets. Are they trying to counter the ‘Pound Shops’ by having some of their products on their shelves? Might be playing ‘mind games’, but there is a little problem¬† –¬† the supermarkets are selling that stuff for more than ¬£1!

Now that Poundworld has been gone for a while (and I seem to recall there was something in the media about the business being ‘suspect’, but can’t remember seeing any follow-up articles), I think it’s safe to say stuff in their tools and tech sections was junk, or just utter rubbish.

A couple of specifics included their LED torches, which were cheap knock-offs of Poundland items, visually similar, they had only three LEDs while the original may have had between three and six times that many over the same area. I also picked up a ratchet tie-down for an emergency – it was made of such thin metal, it was so thin as to cause the ratchet to fail to even operate. Instead of the ratchet teeth catching and rotating the webbing take-up spool, they just slipped past the pawl that should have caught and moved them. The whole this was so thin, it wasn’t even possible to guide the pawl/teeth together, they were just too thin to engage, and slipped off immediately, even if engaged by hand. First time you moved it, they just drifted apart. Most of their tool-type items were of similar quality, and I don’t think I ever bought anything else from that section.

Sorry – don’t know where that waffling came from, this was just supposed to be a one-liner funny!

After the crack backscratcher, I spotted another piece of fun next to, this time something MUCH more useful, and which would be good for use in work some days – you know the sort of day I mean, the one where the doors and windows have to be opened, and even evacuation may be under consideration to save people.

Yes, some days it would be really handy to have a few of these to line up across a corridor, or in front of a door.

Poundland Stink Bomb Sign

Poundland Stink Bomb Sign

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Purrple Cat Cafe sign 2

A few days ago I mentioned spotting a second sign attached to the Purrple Cat Cafe, but given it was dark and I was hurrying home, I had no chance of a closer look, or a daytime pic to see what it really looked like.

That situation has now been remedied.

First, a decent daytime pic to show what I’d missed earlier. As per the pics in the post mentioned above, it is almost invisible, being edge on as you cross the road towards the caf√©. Then, when you are there, it’s above your head, so unlikely to be spotted, unless you’re watching for flying cats.

It’s obvious if you approach from the side – but that’s not my usual route.

Purrple Cat Cafe Sign 2

Purrple Cat Cafe Sign 2

A few hours later, it was dark – and the night shot was even better.

Purrple Cat Cafe Sign 2 Lit

Purrple Cat Cafe Sign 2 Lit

Interestingly, this shot was taken with the compact camera, not the dSLR (which was packed away and too hard to reach).

But it had the advantage of being set to compensate for the illumination, and somehow was shooting in the dark at ISO80, which I had not set.

Clearly, this has come out a LOT better than Purrple Cat Cafe sign – (problems!).

What’s that crowd for?

When I looked around the corner, I spotted a crowd gathered at one of the café window.

Fighting my way to the front, I found that the café kittens were putting on a show, as their enclosure had been placed on the window ledge.

They’re hard to get decent pics of, as the grids and stuff on the windows upset the autofocus, plus reflections of course, but one shot worked.

And, of course, by the time I get there, they’re tired out and having a rest.

Purrple Cat Cafe Kittens

Purrple Cat Cafe Kittens

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Purrple Cat Cafe sign – (problems!)

I did say I would arrange to take pics of the sign over the door of the Purrple Cat Cafe when it got dark, and I did.

But I didn’t anticipate the problems it would bring.

I make no apologies for having processed the image below within an inch (2.54 cm) of its life.

Purrple Cat Cafe Sign Lit

Purrple Cat Cafe Sign Lit

In reality, it comes out GREEN!

Having seen it in the half-light for so long, I just didn’t think of the combined effect of a dark night, a white sign, and purple background illumination.

Plus, the amazing human eye hides all those effects, and you see it as a white sign with purple highlights – then you get home, and the shock sets in when you review your catches.

I don’t know if a stand-alone shot can be tweaked, or photographed in full manual (or RAW) to stop the camera from being confused. Even processing such a shot might prove impractical, and take way too much time.

I might try this if there again under similar circumstances.

This wider shot better shows the appearance of this sign, balanced by surroundings.

Purrple Cat Cafe Night

Purrple Cat Cafe Night

There’s another (brighter) sign to the left, but I didn’t even try for that one.

Such signs burn out to peak white, unless you are prepared to play with compensation, or just go manual (or trick the auto).

Creepy neighbour wants in (or out)

Actually one of Glasgow’s lesser known murals, the girl trapped in the derelict shop next door looks as if she wants to leave her ‘home’ and visit the cat cafe.

Creepy Cat Cafe Neighbour

Creepy Cat Cafe Neighbour

Another view shows the occasional crowd that can gather at the window if any of the resident cats decide it’s nap time, settles down there, and get noticed by a passer-by.

A crowd gathers

A crowd gathers

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