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Tollcross Park direction sign oopsie

It’s been some years since a rash of signs similar to the one shown below sprouted up around the east end of Glasgow (maybe elsewhere, but these are the only ones I usually get to see).

Being local, I don’t usually pay much attention to them, but after noticing they sometime point to places I don’t usually venture into, I did start looking.

The show walking and cycling times to the named destinations, and are surprisingly accurate. The reason I know that is down to the way I never walk anywhere without being diverted, so had thought their timings were optimistic. In fact, if you walk or cycle directly to any of the destinations, and don’t get delayed, then the times given are usually spot on.

Unless – you find one like this.

Tollcross Park Leisure Centre Timing Sign

Tollcross Park Leisure Centre Timing Sign

Looks OK.

Until – you look just behind it, and wonder where that gate leads to.

Tollcross Park Sign Location

Tollcross Park Sign Location

Let’s take a closer look at that gate in the background, and make the pic big enough to make the sign readable.

Tollcross Park Gate Sign

Tollcross Park Gate Sign

How can I put it kindly?


Sometimes you can’t see the wood for the trees.

I wouldn’t dare suggest anything, but… ūüėÄ

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Monday opening slips quietly back into Glasgow’s People’s Palace

Sad to say, I didn’t notice this change in opening times for the People’s Palace when it happened, so I have no idea how long the improved times have been in place.

I had to wipe Monday’s off my diary as an option for visits back in the days when it was closed on Mondays. I kept on going there on Mondays after failing to make it over the weekend – and kept forgetting it was closed.

I was sure I had posted in this blog about this museum (and maybe others, I can’t remember now) being closed on Mondays, but I can’t find either the post, or the pic of the sign which showed Monday as ‘Closed’.

Fortunately, I have the original pic (taken in 2015) so know I’m not losing ‘it’ (yet).

Glasgow Peoples Palace Monday Closing

Glasgow Peoples Palace Monday Closing

Odd, very odd, that both should appear to have gone missing. I distinctly recall writing about it after going there on yet another Monday only to find the doors locked. I KNOW I wrote about it SOMEWHERE, just to jog my memory and avoid another silly repeat.

It doesn’t really matter now, as I just noticed the sign showing the opening times had been altered, and when I looked closer, saw that Monday had been changed from showing ‘CLOSED’ to show the usual opening times.

Well THAT’s handy – for me at least, and I think I’ll be there later today.

Glasgow Peoples Palace Revised Opening Times

Glasgow Peoples Palace Revised Opening Times


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Oh look… a rowing club

Wandering along the unfamiliar (to me) south bank of the River Clyde, I was slightly surprised to find the home of the Glasgow Rowing Club (established 1983) while somewhere near Polmadie.

That’s not to say I didn’t know there was a club building somewhere down there, noted when I’d been studying maps of the area for other locations, but it never really clicked with me, since I’m more local to the ‘other’ side, where there’s a bigger and presumably older/longer established rowing club building (actually home to the Clydesdale Amateur Rowing Club, this boathouse is B listed, a two-storey building completed in 1905), and I have often seen that one in use. I just didn’t know the one on the other side was active.

After all, there’s a matching club building a little to east of that larger one, notable for a Taggart scene involving firearms set on its landing stages. Identified as the University of Glasgow Boat House, this comprises a long, two storey brick building built in 1924..

There were rowers on the river at the time, but as this club house was bolted up tight, they must have come from the other one, but I wasn’t going that far.

Glasgow Rowing Club

Glasgow Rowing Club

Nice to see the graffiti cleaned off – would be even nicer to hear the vandals concerned made a big splash nearby ūüėČ

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Interesting ‘Lollipop Man’ sign spotted

Ignoring the male reference in Lollipop Man (which I’m sure somebody will want to whine about), I spotted an interesting home-made sign attached to a fence in Parkhead recently.

Lollipop Man No Parking

Lollipop Man No Parking

I could waffle on about the legalities, and probable indication of a poorly operated/managed School Crossing, which this sign suggests.

But I just don’t have the time.

And hope someone doesn’t get injured as a result.

Hint: If there is a problem, then review the crossing operation, carry out a proper risk assessment, and find a better location.

A sign located where few, if any people parking legitimately in this street will even see it (it is set 1 metre back from the footpath), is NOT the answer.

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Funny signs – damp floor (maybe)

I’ve come across a few of these signs now, usually just fluttering around on the road.

Never sure whether to laugh or cry though, as it could be taken to mean that people are too dumb to see a wet/damp floor or stairs.

Alternatively, that they are getting too ‘clever’, and see a wet/damp floor or stairs as a ready-made lawsuit, and fast route to some easy cash by claiming a slip/fall injury, and suing the cleaning company concerned – such companies now being obliged to pin up such signs so they can point out that they pointed out the obvious, and mitigate liability.

Guess that woman who sued a shopping centre years ago has a lot to answer for (as I recall, she claimed the shopping centre’s floor was ‘too hard’ and sued on the basis that it had hurt her feet).

I’m not sure whether I would like to see them, or the ‘Ambulance Chaser’ type legal firms sent to the ‘Big Fire’, or send both of them, just to be sure!

Damp Floor Sign

Damp Floor Sign

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Water Bus sign

Digging back into the archives for an unused ‘rainy day’ (freezing day?) pic, I found one I spent so much time fiddling with I forgot to use it.

I’d taken a few that day, and had suffered a bad attack of ‘Tilted Camera Syndrome’, and couldn’t settle on a final version or edit that looked any way half decent or square. Although I whittle the mess down to this one, I forget to finish the job.

While a quick look trawled up some reference to a Clyde Water Bus running for a few years up to 2012, I’m pretty sure the Water Bus refers to something that ran some years before this.

I can’t (quickly) find anything online referring to this, nor can I recall much more than a vague memory. It didn’t seem to cover any routes or destinations that made it of any use to me, so I never had the opportunity to play on it, and then it was gone.

If you know or remember more, a comment below would be nice.

But this quite nice entrance has survived. A bit faded perhaps, but otherwise substantially OK.

Water Bus Sign

Water Bus Sign

Find it on the Broomielaw, at the corner of King George V Bridge, and the junction with Oswald Street.

Wider view, for a bit of context. (Click for a little bigger).

Water Bus Sign Wider

Water Bus Sign Wider

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Jas D Galloway sign spotted

One of the surviving relics I rather like in Glasgow is a painted gable-end sign that lives above Hunter Street, for Jas D Galloway Tyre Distributors. Long gone as a business of course, but the sign must have been painted using some pretty decent old-fashioned paint, which would no doubt fail all testing as regards detriment to human health.

Obviously, you can see it from Hunter Street, less obviously, you can catch sight of it from the train too, as the track breaks surface from the various tunnels and underground runs it makes in the area.

The view below is one I found from the Gallowgate, one I was unaware of until recently, brought to my attention when I saw a pic of the sign from an angle I didn’t recognise.

It’s not particularly obvious if you’re passing, as it lies quite far behind some spare/derelict land, and when I pass that way my attention is always focussed in the opposite direction (yup, careless).

It’s actually quite an interesting view, (click for biggie as it’s wide) including (left to right) Simpson Flats, Glasgow Royal Infirmary, Glasgow Cathedral, Jas D Galloway sign, The Necropolis, and even a little bit of Tennent’s Wellpark Brewery.

Jas D Galloway Sign

Jas D Galloway Sign (and friends)

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Jas D Galloway Tyre Distributor sign

I dug out this slightly older pic of the painted gable end sign of Jas D Galloway, once a tyre distributor in Glasgow’s Hunter Street.

Reason I dug it out was jut seeing it again recently.

It’s hard to be sure if it was the light on the day, or if this derelict sign is now weathering more rapidly, and fading.

Maybe it was just my poor old tired eyes on the day, but when I happened to see it, it looked considerably fainter and less well-defined than I recalled, and this pic, for me at least, seems to confirm the thought.

Or, maybe I’m just getting better at getting these things to ‘pop’ out of my pics.

JD Galloway Hunter Street

Jas D Galloway Hunter Street

Maybe I have to remember to divert here one day, and take another, newer pic for comparison.

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Glasgow, the friendly city

While I may not be a professional photographer, I try to conduct myself professionally in places where there may be conflict, and am reasonably familiar with photographer’s rights and responsibilities, and¬† the difference between public and private places.

The latter can be amusing, as a landowner is fully within their rights to instruct someone not to take photographs while standing on their land (and can legitimately report them to the police for failing to comply), yet one can take what can effectively amount to what is the same photograph quite freely if standing on public land – and that may only require taking one step to make sure you are on the right side of the property line.

I made sure I was standing in the public street when I took the pic below, and was fully in compliance with the sign.

The location should be fairly obvious by now.

Billy Connolly Mural Photo Warning

Billy Connolly Mural Photo Warning

You can find a few articles to the relevant advice in the ‘Links‘ section to the right.

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Surprise college sign in the dark

I’ve passed what I thought was the new John Wheatley College at the junction of Duke Street and Carntyne Road for years, and had no idea I had been wrong… for some four years now.

The original John Wheatley College is a traditional sandstone building in Shettleston, which survived closure and avoided dereliction and demolition by becoming a small business centre when the facility moved to Haghill. It’s one of those places I pass so often I no longer ‘see’ it.

However, wandering into Duke Street in the dark, I saw the new college’s sign and wondered if it could be captured as a decent low-light effort, as it would need a long lens and a little timing, as it has to be shot across two sometimes busy roads with double-decker buses appearing at random. I could have gone closer, but then would have been looking up at the sign, and distorting its perspective. I wanted a nice clean almost square-on view.

It went quite well, thanks to a handy lamppost to lean against.

Glasgow Kelvin College Sign

Glasgow Kelvin College Sign

I would probably still be none the wiser about the various mergers and name change, but for the illuminated sign.

But we need a Tesla ‘something’ in Scotland, even A Town called Eureka has Tesla High School.

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Scottish thrift at its best

Just spotted this afternoon.


Who asks for a discount in a CHARITY shop?

(I’m assuming the sign is not referring to some good-hearted haggling which is probably fair game for special, unique, or ambitiously priced rarities).

I’ve found it hard enough to get a deal on anything that doesn’t cost a fortune, and for stuff that costs only a few pounds, or even pennies, it seems to be a pretty pointless exercise.

It probably says more about the people ASKING than it does about anything else.

Probably another group I’d rather not share air with!

Dogs Trust Sign

Dogs Trust Sign

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