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Smart car parking done right – and Helensburgh council finds another scam to screw drivers

There isn’t a great quantity of Smart cars around here, and I doubt if I’ve even seen more than one or two actually being driven.

The vast majority seem to be parked up nearly all the time.

I did look at buying one… once.

Unfortunately, my thrifty (mean) Scottish appreciation of the value for money couldn’t really match the amount of car I could get for the amount of money expended, and while I fully understand the size is not really a defining factor, I could get more for the same money by buying something else.

It’s a shame this doesn’t quite stack, if they could bring the price down it would be a handy option.


The idea of the Smart includes ‘end on parking’ to make better use of parking space.

But I’ve seldom seen it done.

However, one of my local owners has been kind enough to give the chance of a ‘proper’ example of Smart parking.

2014 Smart Fortwo Grandstyle [K3PPU]

2014 Smart Fortwo Grandstyle [K3PPU]

Here’s a thought…

Traffic wardens have now discovered they can issue penalty tickets, apparently enforceable, for cars that are not fully within a marked parking bay.

This usually means that either the nose or tail is outside the marked bay.

Given that a Smart car parked as seen above would clearly be inside the length of a bay, it would extend past the WIDTH of a bay.

How would that be treated?

I am being serious, after this report from Helensburgh, in a FREE car park!

A FURIOUS driver has hit out at the “depths of rottenness” Argyll and Bute Council has stooped to after he was hit with a £30 parking penalty in a free car park.

The Helensburgh driver was given a ticket after leaving his car in the “free section” of the car park at Helensburgh’s pier head.

The man, who has asked not to be named, said he was left in disbelief when the warden on duty at the time told him he was being penalised because his car wheels were outwith the bay markings.

The driver told the Advertiser: “You have to pay for the front section of the car park, but there is a sign stating clearly that beyond a certain point there is no charge and that’s where I parked.

“You don’t expect to have to pay a fine in a free car park.”

However, the council say he was guilty of contravention 86 – “parked beyond the bay markings”.

Driver’s rage at £30 fine in free Helensburgh car park

I used to use that same car park.


I’m beginning to be glad I’ve been priced off the road nowadays – at least I’m no longer a rolling ‘Piggy Bank’ for any authority that wants its coffers topped up.


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