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In Glasgow’s deadly east end, not even a Smurf is safe

Some say…

Glasgow is a violent city, and the east end is not somewhere to be after dark, Parkhead being no exception.

In fact, I was appalled to learn that the manager of a small estate agents in Shettleston insisted on having his shop closed and staff on their way home before 6 pm every evening, in the belief that the place turned into some sort of ‘battle zone’ not long after that hour passed, when open gang warfare would break out on the streets, and the locals cowered in their homes waiting for the dawn.

(True story, revealed when the owner – from the affluent suburb of Newton Mearns – would apparently not even allow a shopfitter I knew to work on upgrading the premises after hours to avoid disrupting the business – he preferred just to close down for a week and have the work done during the day.)

It’s all lies, of course.

However, I was shocked to see that not even an innocent little Smurf was safe in the area.

Send the children to bed now, or at least cover their eyes, so they are spared the sight of this unfortunate Smurf I found beaten to a pulp, and left for dead in a street corner near Parkhead Cross.

I’m pretty sure it’s dead.

Dead Smurf

Dead Smurf

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It’s tough to be a Smurf in Uddingston

Sometimes, life can be tough depending on who, or what, you are, and this chance pic caught in Uddingston shows that if you are a Smurf, it might be better to stay in bed, rather than get up and go out some days:

Grey Smurf

If the detail isn’t immediately obvious, then this should help:

Grey Smurf

Still smiling too

I’m sure he’s not really as happy as he looks.

This reminds me of a similar pic I caught a couple of years ago, and should dig out. I thought I might have seen more, and that it was maybe the start of a new craze, but I never saw another one until the Smurf popped up (or hung down) recently, so forgot all about it after filing it away.

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