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Daffodils and snowdrops arrive

Just a silly observation, but interesting nonetheless.

A keen photographer I know always annoys me (unintentionally) by posting pics of flowers such as daffodils and snowdrops in his area, often many weeks before I even have green shoots poking through the surface, let alone any flowers, yet he is only a few miles away. Then again, he does stay in a place where the Gulf Stream hits.

But I’ve noticed something else in recent years – while my sheltered plants arrive late, the same varieties are already flowering only a matter of metres away.

The difference?

All I can see is that they are in roadside plots, and are smothered by traffic fumes.

But shouldn’t that be detrimental, being bathed in the noxious fumes the Green Loonies tell us are ‘terrible’?

Or does the slight heat of all those passing engines keep those roadside plants warm and cosy?

Oh well – for once I actually came across some early flowers I could grab a quick pic of for a change, some snowdrops in a park, and some daffs behind a fence, hiding at the back of a local church. Yet there is not a even a shoot be seen in our gardens.

They’re probably tough enough to survive, but I see the weatherfolk issued a warning to gardeners not to make the mistake of seeing a few warm days as the arrival of spring, and that we will see more slow, cold days, and even a few storms before then.




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