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This (allegedly) is ‘Geoff’ – I have a nice job for ‘Geoff’

I’ve mentioned being tired of WordPress’s failure to provide (or even consider) a tool to allow bloggers to ban unwanted ‘Followers’ or ‘Likers’.

Believe it or not, their best advice is to make our blogs ‘Private’ so they can’t be seen.

The word ‘moron’ comes to mind for anyone who seriously suggests hiding a blog from the world to prevent spammers from attacking it.

While I seem to have found a manual means of dissuading this sort of scum – as I lose one… another appears and attaches themselves, so it’s become a never ending job

Meet ‘Geoff’ – assuming ‘Geoff’ really is the spammer behind my most recent unwanted, recurring, follows, and is not simply a stolen library pic of a sad old man’s face.

I’m almost moved to believe this really is ‘Geoff’, since I don’t think anybody trying to sell ‘inspiration’ or ‘motivational’ crap online would actually choose the face of such a sad looking and washed up old loser to promote their scam. That face is hardly inspirational in today’s world of manufactured celebrity faces.

I wonder what psychotic villain role a TV series typecaster would give a face like this?




I would like to nominate ‘Geoff’ for a very important job, which could save some innocent driver, person, or even a car or bus load of people from a terrible accident.

I’d like to have him strapped into a harness facing the rear of a twin tyre lorry axle such as the one seen below, with a button to set off an alarm if the rock comes loose.

On second thought, never mind the alarm – just arrange things so he’s facing the gap between the tyres.

Rock between lorry tyres

Rock between lorry tyres

Add a twist to the tale and tell him pressing the button stops the lorry for safety – but, in reality, it would release the harness and drop him.

A system best installed if he’s looking at the front axle, so the rear tyres would be ‘Along in just a moment’ ūüėČ


Ten seconds after the above was published, this moron ‘Liked’ the post and tried to ‘Follow’ SeSco.

Obviously, I’n not saying what his site is.

And, seriously?

Who, in their right mind, is going to hand their money to a face like that on the promise of it being invested, and turning them into a millionaire?

Mr ‘NO EXCUSES’ (VIP) might get rich quick, but I doubt anybody unfortunate enough to be near him would.

This one is also a coward, who doesn’t even give contact details, or even stick a name to his pic.

So, it looks as if we’ll have to order multiple harnesses!

And hire more lorries (and rocks).

Income Moron

Income Moron

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Yours for free – My top business blogging tip

Punch the next ‘Motivational Blogger’ you see.

I’m suffering a little frustration.

While I would LIKE to name a series of scummy scammy blog/web site owners… I can’t

To explain, every now and then I make the mistake of giving a post a title which could be interpreted as a sign that THIS blog aspires to make its owner a multi billionaire, attract fleets of followers, generate loads of likes, and further aims of ‘Get Rich Quick’ merchants.

And that attracts motivational bloggers, personal trainers, financial advisors, health advisors, and all sort of “MY TOP FIVE TIPS TO DRIVE MUGS TO YOUR BLOG” blogs to it… like flies to shite.

Quite why they think flooding my post/blog with a load of ‘follows’ and ‘likes’ (which I have to spend time clearing out) might endear them to me is beyond me.

Many of them don’t even have content – the follow/like is just to get their name or link seen.

Yet I repeat…

The Worpress ‘Happiness Team’ steadfastly refuses to give us a tool to ban or block this rubbish, or even consider the option.

While some people vent their frustration at this sort of attack by attempting to ‘Name and Shame’ those concerned, all that really does is give the what they want…

Free publicity!

I find it interesting that the owners of these irritations often steal names and images off the web, and present them as their own.

A reverse image search can sometimes find the same image heading many such web sites (dozens sometimes, more than one person could maintain).

Much as I’d like to write their name, and think of their face in a Death Note, their practice of stealing images means it wouldn’t work – and is probably why they do it.

Otherwise, it would be too easy to get rid of them.

Death Note

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My ‘Honey Trap’ catches another moron, a dangerous one – Bob Sherman

With the classic double ‘Follow’ registered at the same minute, this piece of dirt is just scamming WordPress bloggers and trying to spam real bloggers and anyone who might carelessly click on the follower’s name – which just delivers their scamming blog rather than a real one.

Sadly, Bob Sherman is not only a scammer and a moron, he’s dangerous.

He peddles quack medicine, he’s an untrained person who pretends to be a physician and dispenses medical advice, but it’s all based on daft ideas, and selling useless alternative cures.

Since he’s presumably in America, it would be nice if some unfortunate person who has perhaps lost a loved one was to file suit on him, and take his house and everything he owns – it would at least stop him harming anyone else (until he sets up somewhere else).

People like him, preying on the sick and desperate, turn my stomach.

Nasty Moron Bob Sherman

Nasty Moron Bob Sherman

That thumbnail pic’s a bit small – you really want to be able to see him (assuming it really is him in the pic, and not some poor fool he duped into taking his place), so here’s the bigger version.

Dangerous Moron Bob Sherman

Dangerous Moron Bob Sherman

Update – Bob’s ‘evil sister’ con artists fined in Scotland

Maybe you DON’T have to be in the US to take this sort of scum to court – and WIN!

The only thing missing from this story is the toll of people this pair harmed, injured, or killed with their fake cancer ‘cure’.

How many people didn’t receive proper medical attention for their condition, and suffered as a result, or died prematurely for lack of treatment and/or care?

Two women who sold fake diet and cancer treatments have been ordered to repay more than £820,000.

Helen Buchan, 52, and Carol Wiseman, 50, were directors of the Aberdeenshire firm Secret Diet Drops.

The women from Fraserburgh had previously admitted breaking consumer protection and trading regulations.

A confiscation order has been granted under proceeds of crime legislation for £528,505 against Buchan and £298,316 against Wiseman.

They were given six months to pay the order at Peterhead Sheriff Court.

They had claimed Secret Diet Drops would assist weight loss and their “Apple Cider Vinegar” would kill cancer cells.

In 2016, Secret Diet Drops was fined £9,000 and Wiseman and Buchan were each sentenced to a community payback order, with a condition to carry out 180 hours of unpaid work.

Jennifer Harrower, procurator fiscal for specialist casework, said: “Carol Wiseman and Helen Buchan made false claims to entice vulnerable consumers into purchasing their products.

“In cases such as this, prosecution of a criminal offence does not mean the end of our involvement.

“We will use the laws available to us to ensure money obtained through crime is confiscated from those who do not deserve it and reinvested into the community.”

The court deemed that their overall benefit from criminal activity was more than £1.6m.

The Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service will apply to the court for further confiscation should more assets become available.

Women who sold fake diet and cancer treatments ordered to pay £820,000


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The honey trap is working well – now we caught a leering money moron

No explanation needed, see Dirty Dog Shampoo original if you missed it.

Just look at the dumb face on this moron posing in someone else’s Ferrari!

Would YOU take money advice from an idiot like this?

Money Moron

Money Moron

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Honey trap catches moronic cana16 ‘blog’

Have I invented/discovered a new kind of ‘Honey Trap’ to attract scummy spammers?

No sooner did I call out the ‘Beauty Secrets’ blog for suggesting ‘Dirty Dog Shampoo’ would be good for the king of sad people who follow such things.

It wasn’t long before another moronic spamming ‘beauty blog’ pulled the same trick…

Moronic Cana16

Moronic Cana16

You have to wonder just how far below ‘Bottom Feeder’ these people lie on the intelligence scale.


See a post mocking and deriding BOTH your type of blog, AND its scummy attempt to circumvent adblocking…

And it STILL issues both a ‘Like’ and the apparently standard pair of attempts to register as a ‘Follower’.


Dirt like YOU will NEVER be allowed to stay as a Follower on any blog I watch.

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Latest fashion find – Beauty Secrets blog finds Dirty Dog Shampoo

I never know whether to be irritated or amused by the desperate morons trying to find ways to promote their blogs, place unwanted advertising, and make money from other morons.

A really nice example of how stupid they are popped up this morning, so I’m going to share, and hopefully (but I know they don’t care) shame¬† whoever’s behind ‘Beauty Secret’ blog.

I’m guessing they have a bot or similar searching for any mentions of beauty products, such as, oh let’s pick ‘shampoo’ as a possible search word.

Whenever it finds such a word, it might look for a ‘Like’ button the page (but could be a ‘Follow’ or even ‘Register’ button), and use some code to programmatically ‘press’ it.

This sort of scummy behaviour means that the blog they pounced on will have the owner see their unwanted ad (since their content and hints at ‘Posts you might like to see from Beauty Secrets’ are just promos or ads, and if anyone looks at who has registered a ‘Like’ on your blog, you’ve given them a free link their blogs, loaded with the aforementioned promos and ads.

It’s really just spam, and deserves to be treated in the same way.

It also has the advantage of circumventing any sort of adbocking, and Akismet on WordPress.

Saddest fact of the day is that WordPress does not, and apparently will not, offer an option to block sites making ‘Likes’ we don’t like.

I always delete these a few minutes after they appear, since not one of them has ever offered me a cut of their profits for carrying their promos and ads.

And who’d going to listen to a blogger that’s thick as a brick, and promotes ‘Dirty Dog Shampoo’ on their blog about Beauty Secrets?

Let’s just laugh at…

Beauty Secret Dirty Dog Shampoo

Beauty Secret Dirty Dog Shampoo

I might do this more often, if funny ones show up.

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