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Night bridges – St Andrew’s suspension bridge

The other bridge I managed to catch before my ‘Night bridge’ pic collecting was curtailed, the St Andrew’s suspension bridge on Glasgow Green.

St Andrew's Suspension Bridge Night

St Andrew’s Suspension Bridge Night

I was a little disappointed to see that around half of the lights on this bridge had failed, but then wondered if that might have been a good thing, given the amount of processing I found was needed to kill of some of the glare from those that were left.

It’s nice to see something that retains some fairly noticeable colour when seen at night.

I should make a note to go back and do a set of pics on the lights fitted to this bridge. They are unusually large, and for external fittings, also very clear. Looking too closely at such fittings often shows they are discoloured, cloudy, or even frosted, and not really great subjects.

Stepping back, I couldn’t decide if the wider view was better than the close-in first shot just of the bridge.

So, it doesn’t cost anything, and I collected the wider view too.

St Andrew's Suspension Bridge Night Wide

St Andrew’s Suspension Bridge Night Wide

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Glamour at St Andrew’s Suspension Bridge

I don’t usually do people or candid shots, and don’t move in the right circles to find glamour, but got lucky yesterday.

While I was wandering around Glasgow Green I was followed by a small photography team with a model, and it was inevitable that they’d eventually intrude into one my collections.

I hope they had permission, as I recall reading that Glasgow City Council requires this (currently £434 for a half day – less than 4 hours – or £881 for a full day) for commercial TV, filming, or photography.

Glasgow City council – Book of Charges (pdf)

I wouldn’t normally have even noticed this, but for some recent court cases I noted, and the issues they raised…

Photography can be risky in the UK – just having a camera might get you into trouble

In this case, they ‘intruded’ into pics I was taking of the St Andrew’s Suspension Bridge over the River Clyde, and its plaque in particular.

I live in fear now, having caught this view without planning it, of a presumably professional model, and DON’T have a signed release authorising my use of the image.

I await the knock at my door, the frog-march to court, fine, and possibly even jail-time for my heinous crime.

Or worse! Since I have taken a picture of a woman’s bare legs… and arms… without asking her permission.

Perhaps I should just go and hand myself in at the nearest police station, and save myself the days of worry.

St Andrew's Suspension Bridge Model

St Andrew’s Suspension Bridge Model

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Glasgow’s Smaller Suspension Bridge

Not too long ago I caught a fairly clean view of Glasgow’s Bigger Suspension Bridge, and that post has the details too.

This reminded me I had never bothered to take any pics of its smaller partner to the east, the St Andrew’s Suspension Bridge, built 1853-5 by Neil Robson, engineer (£6348), and I promised to correct that sin of omission.

I happened to be nearby yesterday, and fortunately had the compact in my pocket, so the pics are not great, but at least complete the pair.

I thought I wasn’t going to get a decent side elevation, as a downside of the arrival of spring is the greenery that obscure many views that are an advantage of winter sparseness, but fortunately there is a viewing pier a little way downriver.

St Andrew's Suspension Bridge View East

St Andrew’s Suspension Bridge View East

On the left is the lifeboat station of the Glasgow Humane Society, the service that usually attends to drag bodies out of the river. Look online for George Parsonage to find videos of their work.

Before I found the clear view from the pier I grabbed a couple of shots from the ends to show better detail.

The pylons consist of heavy entablatures supported by pairs of Corinthian columns almost 6 metres (20 ft) high , all of cast-iron. Flat link chains support a light lattice girder span. Described as an attractive and little known structure.

St Andrew's Suspension Bridge View South

St Andrew’s Suspension Bridge View South

Spot the gorgeous cast iron lamp-standards standing beside, and almost visually hidden, by the columns. I was too busy to notice them at the time, or I would have taken closer detail.

During 2005, the bridge was given a fresh coat of paint, enhancing work carried out in 1997 when the parapets and timber decking were replaced, and the ornamental cast iron features of the Corinthian columns refurbished.

St Andrew's Suspension Bridge View North

St Andrew’s Suspension Bridge View North

Sorry about the National Cycle Network pole – it’s just too close the structure to stand behind and still get a decent shot.

At least I don’t have to go do some more research and a summary of the bridge’s history lies nearby:

St Andrew's Suspension Bridge Plaque

St Andrew’s Suspension Bridge Plaque

And, having two pics of the two bridges to compare – I can dispel the claim that one is a copy of the other.

Clearly, they may both be suspension bridges, but are quite different in design.

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