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Did I really buy an expensive Iron Man cookie jar?

Anyone reading here regularly (or who knows me) will know I have no time for any sort of branded crap, ‘designer label’ goods, or souvenirs/collectibles which carry prices that prove “A fool and their money are soon parted”.

So why did I bring home a £40 Iron Man ‘official’ cookie jar, available today, in stock, from Amazon for a mere £56, or other online sellers for between £16 and £25 – but all with ‘No stock available’ status. (That’s what was online the day I wrote this post, so will change).

Iron Man cookie jar

Iron Man cookie jar

Well, the answer should be fairly obvious – a sale!

Knowing there was a run taking place in Glasgow city centre (so loads of streets closed to traffic), plus the added disruption and delay of more nonsense bringing crowds to Parkhead, I left home really early to get to Kelvingrove for the 3 pm organ recital.

This meant I arrived early, and decided to have a wander around the museum shops.

One was having a SALE!

So, that’s how I came to have a £40 cookie jar – for which I only paid £5. (Which is all I’d pay for a cookie jar).

Iron Man sale price

Sale price

I have to give special mention to a claim on the box, which may not be clear in the oblique view above…


Here’s plain shot.

Armoured cookie jar?

Armoured cookie jar?

Have to be honest – NOT going to test that one.

This also gives me the chance to include a mention for a couple of favourites who are no longer with us.

Iron Man’s creator, and Grumpy Cat, seen together not all that long ago.


Stan Lee and Grumpy Cat

Stan Lee and Grumpy Cat


Stan Lee and Grumpy Cat again

Stan Lee and Grumpy Cat again

No, not really 😉

Stan Lee and Grumpy Cat not really grumpy

Stan Lee and Grumpy Cat not really grumpy

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Shocking revvelations about Stan Lee’s last days

As someone who ended being a carer to two generations of their family, I can say that if the case against him is proven, then I hope Kyle Morgan gets everything the courts can throw at him, and that it sticks.

The former manager of comic book co-creator Stan Lee has been charged with elder abuse against the late writer.

Kyle Morgan is facing five counts of abuse against Lee – including false imprisonment, fraud and forgery – all stemming from an incident last summer.

The Marvel superhero visionary died in November last year aged 95.

A spokesperson for Los Angeles Superior Court confirmed an arrest warrant for Mr Morgan – who is yet to comment – had been issued.

Lee, who first helped dream up The Fantastic Four for Marvel Comics in 1961 and went on to co-create titles including Spider-Man and The Incredible Hulk, endured faltering eyesight and memory loss towards the end of his life.

His final few months were marred by conflicting claims over who was running his affairs.

Stan Lee: Ex-manager of comic book legend charged with elder abuse

This was messy and obfuscated when it first came into view, and it looks as if court will be only place it might finally be properly tested.

Stan Lee Mural

Stan Lee Mural

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That Stan Lee mural

I missed a few chances to fly past this (for various reasons) when it was revealed, although I did make it across to the Gorbals a few nights ago and bagged it in the dark, in case I couldn’t get back.

That was really more of a route finder, so you’re not going to see that pic, despite it turning out surprisingly well.

A proper visit in daylight followed, which proved interesting as I bumped into a nice man who was even more serious about collection Glasgow’s various murals than me (I just catch them when, and if, mostly by chance rather than design).

That said, we were both at this one as it’s already known it is only temporary, and will be gone in a few weeks (to be replaced by… windows!)

There was also a little stream of people arriving to grab their pic too.

Interesting chat too, as we both notice how a number of murals around the city are already being lost, either to the slightly unfortunate progress of development around the city, and opening of businesses/shops in previously empty building or shops that provided wall space.

Or, something not so understandable and excusable, somebody deciding that the murals have to go, and destroying them, or painting them over.

Bear in mind these comments DON’T refer to graffiti vandalism or similar property damage, but decent murals, not painted on private property, people’s homes, or their doors or walls. Anything put up by scummy Banksy wannabes – I’m happy to see that exterminated a few nanoseconds after it appears. Same goes for the vandal behind it too.

I always wonder what eventually happened to an Australian student who decided to play this game few years ago, sprayed his crap on any clean wall/door he could find, then went crying to the media when he was caught and told he was going to be deported for his crime of repeated vandalism. Sad to say, the media never reported the end of that story (or he got a slap on the wrist – hardly good clickbait for a tired old hack to impress their editor with, and ask for bonus),

Stan Lee Mural

Stan Lee Mural

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New Stan Lee mural… and weather

I try to avoid weather posts, they could be a daily event in Scotland, but sometimes…

The media carried news of a new mural in Glasgow, dedicated to Stan Lee, who finally passed away at 95.

Most of them latched on to the story, as it’s an obvious source of good clickbait for them, and bound to attract lots of clicks for them, with little effort by their hacks.

Here’s the top three that beckoned me.

Stan Lee tribute mural created in Glasgow’s Gorbals

11ft mural for comics legend Stan Lee unveiled in Glasgow

(Interesting to note the usual ‘Scotsman’ morons didn’t manage to come up with a single comment after this article.)

Marvel-lous mural of Stan Lee unveiled in Glasgow

Then our local source even managed TWO articles!

Stunning Stan Lee tribute mural appears in the Gorbals

The story behind Glasgow’s Stan Lee mural

How do you connect this to the weather?

I’ve been stuck indoors for a few days.

I dared venture out last night (since we’ve had reasonably dry days, of chilly), and almost crippled myself when I found one of those stupid cast iron fence supports in the dark, as I was leaving our local park. Painted black, of course, it reinforces the edge of the gate. Today, I’m limping.

This kept me up/awake, so I know that there wasn’t a drop of rain all night, but it was gusting wind.

I thought I MIGHT be able to nip across to the Gorbals and grab a pic of the Stan Lee mural.

How silly of me.

I fell asleep around 7 am, when I woke a couple of hours later – it was, of course, raining.

As if by magic, my weather station shows the rain didn’t start until I woke up, just before 9 am.

And that means no 2 hour trip to the mural, since I can’t jump in a nice, warm, dry car.

The mural was painted by Glasgow artist EJEK, who is also known for his work at Strathclyde University and the Clutha Vaults. I’ve collected quite a few of his murals in this blog, some of which are HUGE!

For the moment, you’ll have to make do with the pic he released.

Stan Lee Mural Credit Danny McDermott (AKA EJEK)

Stan Lee Mural Credit Danny McDermott (AKA EJEK)

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Stan Lee is gone

American writer and Marvel Comics co-creator Stan Lee has died at the age of 95.

Lee and Jack Kirby founded the company in 1961, beginning with The Fantastic Four and going on to create titles such as Spider-Man and The Incredible Hulk.

I think it was 2016 when there was a big stooshie about all the celebrities and famous people appeared to be dying that year.

At the time, there were various responses to the claim, with many pointing to Stan Lee, his age, and the fact that he was carrying on.

Looks like he managed another couple of years before the Grim Reaper managed to catch up with him.

I guess I’m from a generation that found his work early on, and spent too long reading and rereading his stories.

I used to have a collection of comics from those days, but they were ultimately stored in our loft, which was not the driest or most friendly of places to keep such things.

While I remember collecting a lot of such perishable items some years ago, this story has reminded me of them, but not what happened to them.

I know I brought them down because I’ve been organising what’s left up there recently, and didn’t see them, but I also have no idea what happened to them.

Oh well, here comes another hunt.

Who was Stan Lee?

Lee was born in 1922 to working-class Jewish immigrants from Romania.

He began working at the comics section of Timely Publications – a company that would eventually transform into Marvel Comics – and became comics editor there at age 18.

But for years Lee wrote only simple comics focusing on crime stories, horrors and westerns aimed at young readers.

At age 40, Lee decided to give up on comics. But his wife Joan urged him to create the characters he always wanted to write as his comic swansong.

And in 1961, Lee created the Fantastic Four.

Stan Lee: Marvel Comics co-creator dies aged 95

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