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Photographs remember the day when tanks rolled along Glasgow’s streets

Although I’m well aware of this event from 1919 thanks to the number of books I’ve thumbed through over the years, and no longer ‘raise an eyebrow’ or say “I don’t believe it”, I do wonder how many people this comes as something of a surprise to whenever it is raised.

This collection of pics recalls the day.

Today, marks the 100 year anniversary of the event which has become known as the ‘Battle of George Square’, ‘Bloody Friday’ and ‘Black Friday’.

On January 31, 1919, tanks and soldiers rolled through Glasgow’s streets as authorities attempted to quell city workers’ demands for a shorter working week and improved working conditions.

There is no commemoration of the event, and calls are now being made to have a memorial placed in George Square.


Red Clydeside: Incredible pictures of tanks and soldiers on the streets of Glasgow


Bloody Friday: 100 years since striking workers clashed with police at George Square

George Square Stitch

George Square Stitch

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