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Well THAT didn’t go as planned

Officially ‘Simpson Flats’ (sorry, I have no idea if they have a local or unofficial name), these flats overlook Tennent’s Wellpark brewery.

I THOUGHT I had caught a nice angle as I spotted the pattern of the corridor access lighting in a way I don’t usually have the opportunity to see (I’m usually walking AWAY from them in the dark,  not TOWARD), and at least in camera review at the time, the exposure and detail both looked good.


When I got home and tried to process what I’d taken, it was all useless.

I tried pushing and pulling shadows and highlights, and bending the light curves to emphasis and suppress various aspects, but there was simply no way to reproduce or recreate in image form the same effect that can be seen here by eye.

While the clear view as seen has the corridor lighting appear as a superb pattern of bright point sources against a contrasting background, and they are very distinct, it seems that at the scale of an image, that is lost, and can’t be recovered.

Knocking back the darker areas just makes the image look silly, instead of dramatic, as the lights lose their context.

I’ve lifted the flats slightly, just to show they are there, but the lights are at ‘peak white’ so can’t really be brought out further.

So, maybe one to go and actually look at, since the pic just doesn’t cut it.

Simpson Flats Night

Simpson Flats Night

For what it’s worth, I doubt this view could even have been seen until recently.

Those white street lights are clearly recent modern LED replacement for the old sodium items.

They spewed their yellow pox in EVERY direction, often hiding everything behind in their glare (in this case, most of those flats), and being almost pure monochromatic yellow, leaving little to see.

By way of contrast, LEDs are directional by default (they only radiate their light over 180 degrees, and their luminaires will usually reduce that angle still further, vastly cutting the once dire direct light pollution of their predecessors.


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Cocky guide dog sticker explained

I finally got around to solving a little mystery that has been puzzling me for a long time.

It’s more than a year since I first spotted a few of the stickers seen below, around Duke Street (and near Tennant’s Wellpark Brewery – but I never knew that would be significant), and wondered what they meant. Sadly, there are actually some sad people who can afford to have idiot nonsense stickers printed, and just throw them up for no apparent reason – I thought this was maybe an example of that affliction, so never really bothered about them.

But a few have survived the weathering and tidy-ups, and I decided to snap one, and see if there was anything online – there was…

Cockier Guide Dogs Sticker

Cockier Guide Dogs Sticker

Seems that Tennent’s Wellpark was:

a new Scottish series of online comedy sketches, has been released on YouTube and social media.

Developed by a collective of up-and-coming talent that were brought together by Tennent’s Lager, Wellpark was borne out of the hope to create something not only funny, but also bold and original.

Well, I don’t have the time to sit through the rest – but I hope they are better this truly dire offering…

There’s probably a good joke in there – but whoever thought this one up certainly didn’t find it.

Still, staying positive, at least I solved the mystery of the sticker.

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