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A quality mural near The Barras

While this is an unfair comparison – and it’s not actually meant to be taken as a comparison since this is NOT a shutter mural – it is still a fair example of what can be produced.

I came across this one quite a while ago, but used the pic in another forum so had forgotten to mention it here.

If you were at Bill’s Tool Store at the Barras, you could turn around and look behind you. If it hasn’t been removed or replaced then you’ll see it.

It really is rather good, and worth at least a glance for real.

Bain St St Luke's Mural

Bain St St Luke’s Mural

I’m afraid I don’t know the significance of the winged bull (oops, sorry ox), but I do think it’s safe to say the mural has some connection with Tennant’s – I see at least 4 references to that particular Glasgow brew.

Note: See comments below for more info 🙂

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Barras copyrite

Anyone familiar with the history of The Barras in recent years/decades will be familiar with the number of raids and remarkable finds (and even assaults captured on news/documentary clips) as both police, trading standards, and reporters have visited some stalls as they investigated forged designer label items and copyrighted material, with even Microsoft Windows reportedly being available at The Barras BEFORE Microsoft had released one version.

But this catch is more fun than those, with one stallholder claiming that photography of their stall could/would result in a charge being made.

I’m not sure what they think the value of an empty market stall is in a pic (perhaps it is a piece of ‘modern’ art), but I got mine for free!

And, since I took it from a public place (the street), with the item in plain sight, I’m perfectly free to do so – which would not be the case if I had been INSIDE the building, on private ground. Never seen this stall with anything on it.

But I’d still be curious, and like to be in court to see the case being heard as regards copyrite (or even copyright) of anything on this stall, and the justification of why the stallholder was due any copyright monies. Such monies are usually property of the creator of any work/pic, not a seller.

I’m not even going to venture into the real legal implications – it’s fraught enough when we have to deal with serious claims.

Just enjoy the pic and the note.

Barras copyrite

Barras copyrite

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Gallowgate gunfire – at least it was yesterday

I ended up at The Barras on both Saturday and Sunday this week, but the Sunday visit came with a surprise.

I arrived from the London Road side, and had worked my way towards the Gallowgate, as I had been heading for a particular stall to pick up a little bargain.

When I finally emerged on the Gallowgate, I found it was closed off and barricaded, with ‘Police – Accident’ signs on the road.

I didn’t think too much of this, but nobody seemed to have a clue, and I’m not the type that goes up to crows of police (and there were a lot of them, much more than seen in the pics), so at that point I decided to take some pics, then slide away as quietly as possible.

I’d expected to see something in the news, but there was nothing, and it was only an online search that revealed there had been a report of the sound of gunfire just before 10 pm on the Saturday night.

Well, I’ve hinted before, there are too may spots I can look at and say ‘Shots heard here’ and this just adds to the list.

Would you believe there was a Wedding Fair being held at The Barras, hence the pretty Mercs – Muggins walked into the building where it was being held, and beat a hasty retreat as people with flowers and loads of white lace tried to pounce!

Gallowgate Police 1

Gallowgate Police 3

Gallowgate Police 2

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