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Carntyne bridge works – not so impressive

When I saw all the diversions for the recent works on the stone-clad hill that use to support the bridge over Carntyne Road at Todd street, I was expecting to see a lot  more changes made by the time they were finished.

As it is, it seem they were only removing ONE of the clad hillsides, and the rest remain as they were.

Maybe part of a bigger plan – more later?

Bar cleaning up the mess, and a bit of landscaping, it seems they’re done (for now).

Carntyne Rd Todd St works

Carntyne Rd Todd St works


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Changes at Carntyne Road and Todd Street

I’d forgotten all about a set of pics I collected by chance at the junction of Carntyne Road and Todd Street, showing some fairly major works underway.

I guess this is to make way for more houses, as the estate established here a few years ago is steadily expanding, and the raised areas that once supported the rail tracks and bridges here must be a nuisance for the developers.

The use of raised earth banks with stone facings and retaining walls seems to have been a common choice for the many rail bridges that passed over roads like this. There used to be a few of these near my home and it was fun to wander along the derelict track (both the rails and the actual bridges were gone before we moved nearby) and see into the back gardens of all the houses the track had run past. I think the biggest surprise was finding the number of people who had fairly ordinary houses, yet manages to squeeze some sort of pool into their back garden. Not swimming pools, or fish ponds, but paddling pools.

I was surprised to find that the Google Street View car had been there just before me, and caught the road diversions in place, just before the plant and machinery arrived.

I’m due to pass here again some time soon, and expect this work will be finished, so I’ll be able to get a fresh ‘After’ view, and maybe post it a bit quicker, for comparison.

First up was the view along Carntyne Road, with Todd Street crossing in the foreground.

Carntyne Rd Todd St

Carntyne Rd Todd St

According to the yellow sign, the disruption was planned to run from 24 October to 04 December.

Then looking the other way, along Todd Street, across Carntyne Road.

Todd St Carntyne Rd

Todd St Carntyne Rd

I’m quite glad to see this gone, the giant billboards are abhorrent, but at least sometimes amusing, legit, and paid for.

The old bridge walls were often hijacked by pervasive fly-posters, stealing the wall space, making the place look cheap and untidy, never cleared away by the council, and always advertising crap.

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