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Finally? GOOD news about Tollcross Winter Garden

It’s (almost) hard to believe I’ve been writing miserable for almost six years now, after discovering that Tollcross Winter Garden (glasshouse) had been closed after suffering storm damage back in 2011.

I used to make the occasional diversion through Tollcross Park so I could wander around the glasshouse, after finding it had been restored back in the period 1999/2000, having lain derelict for at least a decade, and at risk of being lost at worst, or left to rot at best. However, funding to the value of £1.7 million rescued the glasshouse then, when it also gained an adjacent Visitor Centre, café, and play area.

One of my changes of route/circumstance meant I didn’t find out about the 2011 damage and closure until January of 2013, when I came across the shocking sight of the derelict, and posted…

Tollcross Winter Gardens refurbishment 2013

Tollcross Winter Gardens Derelict

Tollcross Winter Gardens Derelict (January 2019)

Followed by…

Glasgow’s Commonwealth Games shame – Tollcross Winter Gardens wrecked in 2013

And then fairly regular updates, about nothing happening.

Little did I know then, six years ago, that articles which were then reporting that the Winter Garden was merely ‘Closed for Refurbishment’ were complete fantasy, and the place had been abandoned – despite the millions being squandered on attractions for the dopey 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games, and being poured into the swimming pool in the adjacent Tollcross Sports Centre.

Things are, at last, looking up as official at Glasgow City Council are proposing funding of £1million to restore the derelict structure. The money, if approved would come from a £3million pot which Glasgow is to receive from a Scottish Government scheme aimed at helping town centres.

The adjacent visitor centre (referred to as a Millennium Building) is scheduled for demolition to make way for a new early years centre, as a report by officials states: “This creates an opportunity to bring the [winter gardens] structure back into active re-use as part of the wider project.”

Tollcross Winter Gardens Visitor Centre Broken Glass

Tollcross Winter Gardens Visitor Centre

I’m not sure what life that building was intended to have, but I never expected it to last, given the peculiar tent-like roof it was burdened with, which I’m pretty sure would have a high maintenance cost had it remained.

Granted it has obviously not been maintained (at a guess, I’d think it would have to be completely renewed at set intervals, IF it had been remained in service), but visits have shown that it let in lots of water, and the interior was clearly flooded and water damaged. One of my past posts showed pics of the interior, taken through the windows.


Tollcross Winter Garden Visitor Centre Wood Shuttering

Tollcross Winter Garden Visitor Centre Wood Shuttering

A statement about the proposal concluded with:

“The restoration of this building will also link into several other approved council strategies including the Property and Land Strategy in terms of the co-location options that a refurbished glasshouse structure could offer; the community engagement and management options that may be explored including engagement with Friends of Tollcross Park; and the city-wide analysis of the glasshouse structures that form part of the current feasibility report on the People’s Palace Winter Gardens.”

“Additionally, the principles and commitments in the recently approved Council Heritage Assets Plan could also be delivered in relation to this particular structure.

“The ongoing review of Neighbourhoods and Sustainability Depot provision may also be influenced by the restoration of this heritage structure and the services provided from it.”

TOLLCROSS Winter Gardens Set To Be Saved Under £1Million Council Plan

This touches on another story we have been following, that of the Winter Garden attached to the People’s Palace, which was inspection revealed to be showing the true extent of its century plus of life, and prompted a much wider review  of remaining glasshouses across the city.

I’m sure each case will be different, but the effect of a century of Scottish weather on cast iron structures (I’m assuming most, if not all, have such frames, of varying quality depending on the composition of the metal, which were cast in Glasgow’s foundries), and have aged differently depending on their location.

I’m not sure of how far the Tollcross glasshouse has decayed in recent years. I’ve taken pics that record recent collapses of upper parts of the glazed roof, but without looking closer can’t say if this is due to serious failure of the cast sections, or just rot in the glazing that sits over those parts.

I’m sure there are many out there who will embrace a good session of ‘council bashing’, but we really need to ignore such politically motivated wasters who merely wish to further their own selfish hate campaigns, and support whatever positive schemes can be created to look after our historic structures.

Back in Tollcross, the lovely, sodden, wet, rainy weather of the past few weeks means I haven’t been through the park for a few weeks.

Looking at reGlasgow’s drone pic shows that after languishing behind wimpy temporary perimeter fencing for eight years, the site has gained proper perimeter fencing during those weeks of my absence, set into the ground, and not able to be kicked or knocked over.

Tollcross Winter Garden Fixed Perimeter Fence Pic Credit reGlasgow

Tollcross Winter Garden Fixed Perimeter Fence Pic Credit reGlasgow


Local media spotted the planning story too, and summarised the past years.

The adjacent ‘Millennium Building’ is scheduled for demolition to make way for the construction of a new Early Years facility as part of the council’s response to the provision of 1,140 hours of statutory childcare.

And council chiefs say this creates an opportunity to bring the glasshouse back into active re-use, as part of this wider project.

As reported by Glasgow Live, The Tollcross Park greenhouse was shut after being damaged during the storms of December 2010 and January 2011 and has been closed ever since. It is presently on the register of buildings at risk in Scotland.

A decade earlier it underwent a £1.9million refurbishment, funded by the city council, the Heritage Lottery Fund and Historic Scotland.

Glaswegians were up in arms at the idea the historic spot would never be opened again, with more than 100 turning out for a protest at City Chambers in June to demand the Gardens be saved.

Campaigners were opposed to the private nature of council meetings on its future, fearing that plans would put “profit before people.”

They also wanted to ensure the building would be reopened to operate the way it always did, rather than in a “repurposed or reimagined” way.

A council spokesman said: “The proposal to invest £1m in Tollcross Winter Gardens has the aim of the bringing the structure back into use as part of a wider project.

“Plans are already in plan to demolish the neighbouring Millenium Building with the intention of creating a new children’s nursery in its place.

“If approved, the proposed refurbishment of the glass house will assist the broader work to boost and promote the wider the Tollcross area.”

It’s hoped the project will build the profile of Tollcross town centre as a visitor destination, linking the historic built form of the area and the international class swimming pool, to the new nursery establishment, and enable the re-activation of the park.

Tollcross Winter Gardens set to be saved if council gives green light to funding boost

I’m not sure if the apparent hostility (by the vociferous ones at least) is altogether wise.

One of the problems with things such as glasshouses is their obvious fragility, and attractiveness to vandals.

Building and structures change over the years, as does their occupation and use.

I would have thought that a future, even with change, would be better than no future (remember, council money does not appear from a ‘Magic Pot’ but is raised via taxes), and utilising the building in a way which brings people and the community to it has to be better than keeping a decaying relic which few will visit.

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Tollcross Winter Garden nope

For a brief moment, I made the mistake of thinking somebody might have been doing something useful at Tollcross Winter Garden (other than perhaps demolishing it).

When I passed recently, there was a small ‘cherry picker’ parked alongside.

But, it looks as if someone was just using the roof overhang as a shelter to keep the rain of their ‘toy’ and keep it dry (not a very good idea, given the quiet nature of the spot, and the number of vandals that party there given that there is no lighting).

It was gone a few hours later, and I haven’t seen it again.

Mind you, given where it was left, the locals could easily have had it dismantled during the night, and sold all the parts as spares!

Tollcross Winter Garden nope

Tollcross Winter Garden nope

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Still not getting the logic of CSOs (Compulsory Sales Orders)

Other than a means of forcing the sale of property in a way which allows councils to escape having to pay for them, as it currently has to if a CPO (Compulsory Purchase Order) is enacted, I’m still not convinced that CSOs have anything to do with bringing abandoned or derelict property back into use.

I remain to be convinced.

If forcing the sale of a property is going bing it back into use, which presumably means it is worth something, or can be used profitably, then why would the owner have to be FORCED to sell it?

If it’s so good, then they should be investing in it, and reaping the profit themselves.

Unless the CPO also invokes… magic!

Papers for the committee state homes can become empty for various reasons including bereavement and inheritance.

The Glasgow City Council submission stated: “The introduction of Compulsory Sales Orders should be implemented as soon as possible as these would enable local authorities to force the sale of a derelict or abandoned property if it has been lying empty for more than 12 months.”

Fife Council said the orders could be an “easier and less complicated tool” than the current Compulsory Purchase Orders, which tie the council in to purchasing the empty property, a view echoed by Angus Council.

West Dunbartonshire Council said: “The introduction of Compulsory Sale Orders could play a role in assisting Empty Homes Officers to encourage home owners to either rent, sell or move into the empty home.”

Rural Housing Scotland also backs CSOs, as does housing and homelessness charity Shelter Scotland and the Scottish Empty Homes Partnership.

The latter two organisations said in a joint submission that CSOs, as with all enforcement options, “should never be a first choice approach for bringing empty homes back to use”.

Glasgow City Council backs plans to introduce compulsory sales orders for empty homes

Thought for the day

Could a CSO be served on the council that brought the system into existence?

Or, will it write immunity for itself into such legislation, to avoid being caught by its own enforcement system?

Tollcross Winter Garden and Visitor Centre, derelict since 2011.

Tollcross Winter Gardens Visitor Centre January 2017

Tollcross Winter Gardens Visitor Centre January 2017

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As predicted – the vandals are now wrecking Tollcross Winter Garden Visitor Centre

I don’t mention the success of this prediction to suggest I’m in any way clever or smart, but to highlight the fact that it’s no surprise, and that there’s nothing (useful) being done to prevent it.

(I have done so many posts now – just search on ‘Tollcross Winter Gardens’)

I’d been thinking it was time for another winter garden glasshouse pic, and noticed in passing that there is a ‘Golden Hour’ when the lighting shows how much of the glass has now been smashed and lost from the structure.

As I rode through the park a few night ago, in pitch darkness, I noticed the local ‘rubbish’ having a noisy party at the visitor centre – apart from the noise, these types probably haven’t realised they’re no longer ‘invisible’ in the dark thanks to the nice bright screens of the mobile phones they’re so addicted to, which give their positions away.

I detoured past the centre the next day, and sure enough, any uncovered glass fair game, and the sloppy, thin, wood shuttering is probably even weaker than the toughened/laminated glass as regards securing the building.

At least there’s little left there that will burn.

Unless the material that draped roof the centre was given isn’t inherently fire retardant or self-extinguishing.

I suppose we’ll find out one day night.

Tollcross Winter Garden Visitor Centre

Tollcross Winter Garden Visitor Centre


Tollcross Winter Garden Visitor Centre

Tollcross Winter Garden Visitor Centre


Tollcross Winter Garden Visitor Centre

Tollcross Winter Garden Visitor Centre


Tollcross Winter Garden Visitor Centre

Tollcross Winter Garden Visitor Centre


As always, just think of the hundreds of millions squandered on the 2014 Commonwealth Games held in Glasgow, and on upgrading the pool only a few metres from this shameful sight.

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Decay at Tollcross Winter Garden just goes on and on and…

I decided not to bother with a January 2019 ‘Annual pic of Shame’ of the derelict Winter Garden in Tollcross Park this year, for no other reason than that I could use ANY recent pic from the past few years to show how sad this once beautifully restored structure had become, despite the wondrous and magical promise of a ‘Lasting Legacy’ from the farcical and disruptive 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games.

Who knows how much money was poured into the useless swimming pool lying only a few metres from some REAL Glasgow heritage (see below for the answer), or into yet more upgrades made there later.

However, when I stopped by the glasshouse a few days ago, I noticed that the rot was now REALLY beginning to set in.

It can only be a matter of time before it reached a state of decay which forces the city’s planner to order its demolition – it is now starting to FALL apart.

This is the pic I originally stopped to take, and you can see that the east ridge of the glasshouse has now started to collapse into the interior.

Click for a little bigger. Compare to pics from 2015.

Tollcross Winter Garden Glasshouse East Ridge Collapse

Tollcross Winter Garden Glasshouse East Ridge Collapse

At the same time, I noticed that an assault by vandals, which I suggested was imminent in a recent post, on the glass doors and walls of the adjacent Visitor Centre, had probably taken place too, as the whole of the Visitor Centre was now clad in wood shuttering. Since there had only been a few sheets raised over the years, I can only assume these were added after the glass panels that make up the doors and walls were attacked.

Click for slightly bigger.

Tollcross Winter Garden Visitor Centre Wood Shuttering

Tollcross Winter Garden Visitor Centre Wood Shuttering

There’s not really much to say.

I’ve seen poster asking people to attend meetings, but I only see these after the event, so have no idea if anything productive comes from this, or they are just ignored.

It’s such a shame that this building was both restored AND had the Visitor Centre added for less than £2 million.

That alone shows how little of the £340 million (probably more) that was squandered on the ‘Lasting Legacy’ would have been needed to save this feature, which could have been promoted as a 2014 tourist attraction, being so near to the swimming pool event.

I wonder how much WAS spent on that already supposedly world class swimming venue?

According to reports, “The Tollcross Swimming Center underwent a nearly-$20 million (£13.8 million) upgrade ahead of the 2014 Commonwealth Games.

Would you also believe that back in 2014, the (clearly corrupt or moronic) Commonwealth Games promoters were actually using the ALREADY CLOSED AND DERELICT Winter Gardens ‘hothouse’ as part of the attraction they were ;selling to visitors in their advertising and promotional rubbish

Fast facts

Tollcross International Swimming Centre is located in Tollcross Park. The park covers 83 acres and the land was purchased for £29,000 in 1897. The park’s opening ceremony coincided with Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee.

Tollcross Park has many outstanding features, including a Children’s Farm, International Rose Garden and refurbished hothouses known as the Winter Gardens.

You could not make this sort of stuff up and expect to be believed, but thanks to the Internet and their web pages this can be quoted and referred to (until they are embarrassed, and delete the evidence one day).

Let’s not forget another £25 million just frittered away to attract YET ANOTHER sporting event.

Maybe somebody should suggest hosting 5-aside games, or ping-pong, or maybe just World Tiddlywinks in the glasshouse, and ask for funding!

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Time to make events pay their way, NOT the hosts – especially when our Winter Gardens are rotting

I wonder if people are generally aware that lucky events like the Commonwealth Games (dumped on Glasgow in 2014), The Olympic Games (probably never coming to Glasgow, thank goodness), and now the first ever World Cycling Championships (set for August 2023, don’t have to PAY for the privilege of disrupting the cities they take place, or all the work needed to allow them to take place.

Glassgow was ‘taken’ for something like £300+ million by the Commonwealth Games, and is now being asked for £15 million in advance of the cycling event.

As usual, the promoters are blackmailing the hosts with promised of wonderful returns and benefits which they will lose out on if they don’t throw money at the organisers, and bring the event Glasgow.

GLASGOW councillors are being urged to approve £15million towards the city hosting most of the events in the first ever World Cycling Championships, taking place in August 2023.

The world governing body for cycling, the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI), revealed last year a plan to combine around a dozen existing individual cycling world championships into one major event every four years.

Following an approach by Glasgow and EventScotland, the UCI has given an exclusive opportunity to Glasgow/Scotland to present its case to host the first championships. The final submission, including funding commitments from the major partners, has to be made by February 2019.

A report to city councillors stated: “This will be the biggest cycling event in the world with over 100 countries represented and over 200 World Champions being crowned during the course of the Championships. The huge media interest will guarantee worldwide broadcast coverage delivering massive international profile for both Glasgow and Scotland.

CHANCE For Glasgow To Get On Its Bike For Historic Hosting Of World’s Biggest Cycling Championships

I’m not even going to waste more of my time digging into this.

You can read more of the fantasy in the linked article. It’s pretty much a self-explaining fiasco.

What I will say is that it’s a scandal that I would NOT mock dopey MP Paul Sweeney if he questioned it with the same vigour he did after hearing ‘tale telling’ about the plants in the People’s Palace Winter Garden.

But, I doubt we’ll hear as much as a squeak.

That this famous and long established Winter Garden should be languishing in closure for the lack of £7.5 million while there is a farcical demand for £15 million to be poured into a transient event that lasts for a few days is little short of shameful.

And gets even worse when we reflect on the dead shell that was Tollcross Winter Garden, closed after some 2011 storm damage, and could not be spared a penny when the millions were being squandered on the Commonwealth Games, and in particular the swimming pool in the sports centre only a few metres from that glasshouse.

As they say…

Somebody need to GET A GRIP!

Tollcross Winter Garden – ignored while millions were spent on an adjacent Commonwealth Games venue…

Tollcross Winter Gardens Derelict

Tollcross Winter Gardens Derelict

People’s Palace Winter Garden – closed while £7.5 million is searched for, but £15 million is being demanded for a cycling event…

Closed Winter Garden North

Closed Winter Garden North

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TWO reasons to say ‘Thank You’ to Celtic

Thanks for the road Celtic

I’m no fan of (any) football, or the clubs, but I will offer a ‘Thank You’ when it’s justified, and even TWO if it’s a really good day.

First of all, I have to offer thanks to Celtic, which is in the process of developing the land around its stadium.

While I’m no fan of the shops, hotels, and other disruptions it will bring to the area as part of its developments in the next few years, I have to thank them for resurfacing the mountainous track that was Dalriada Street.

While I never took a picture of it (too busy trying not get inured while bouncing along it), it can be found in past Street View images.

Now, it’s brand new.

Dalriada Street Resurfaced

Dalriada Street Resurfaced

Commonwealth Games Utter Folly confirmed by Celtic

At a stroke, Celtic also just confirmed the utter folly of the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games fiasco.

Celtic contribute around £165m to Scotland’s economy annually – more than the 2014 Commonwealth Games – according to a report commissioned by the club.

The Fraser of Allander Institute economists examined spending by the Scottish champions and their spectators during the 2016-17 season.

Celtic chief executive Peter Lawwell hoped policy makers would take note.

“The economic contribution from football, and Celtic in particular, is consistently undervalued,” he said.

The reports states:

  • Celtic and their supporters contributed £165m in 2016-17 to the Scottish economy
  • The spending helped support the equivalent of 2,820 full-time equivalent jobs
  • Celtic Park is the seventh most popular visitor destination in Scotland
  • Celtic FC is the 25th strongest brand in world football
  • Celtic’s club website ranks 23rd in world football for “hits”, with more than one third coming from outside Scotland
  • Almost two million fans attended matches involving Celtic during the 2016-17 season
  • More than 40% of Celtic’s day-to-day spending was with Scottish firms

The institute states that other studies have estimated golf tourism’s contribution to Scotland’s GDP is around £157m each year, while the one-off economic impact of the Commonwealth Games in 2014 to Scotland was valued at £125m.

Celtic ‘contribute more to Scottish economy than Commonwealth Games’, says report

What’s not analysed above is…

The £330 million Glasgow had to pay out to host the Commonwealth Games, since the mugs that host this event have to cough up the money for it – NOT the lucky Commonwealth Games organisers.

Then there’s the hidden cost of months of disruption to the city while preparing for the event, plus the extreme disruption for the weeks of the ‘games’ themselves, with may street closures and diversion in place, damaging business.

Add to that the animosity generated, and largely ignored, in local communities, closed down, razed, moved, and inconvenienced by the ‘games’.

Is £125 million enough of a return, if the figure is genuine?

And it’s a one-off.

Celtic is reportedly brings £165 million ANNUALLY.

AND, doing it without all the building, rebuilding, demolition, and DISRUPTION that the Commonwealth Games demanded.

As I see it, there’s one benefactor – the Commonwealth Games which doesn’t fund the host city or pay for the event.

And one MUG!

The host city.

I might add there are other problems, such as the loss of reputation and credibility of some council departments and business, as they try to ‘spin’ events after the games, to show that they produced benefits in things such as sporting activity and health of the locals.

I could probably waffle on more, and keep moaning, but that might make it seem like I care.

All I really care about is being spoken to as if I was an idiot, and being expected to believe all the tripe spouted about the supposed ‘benefits’ bestowed on the east end by the dopey games.

That just insulting.

Commonwealth Games Glasgow 2014 Costs

Commonwealth Games Glasgow 2014 Costs


I have no forgiveness for squandering hundreds of millions on this elitist crap – while Tollcross Winter Gardens now lies in ruins (metres from the useless Commonwealth Pool), only a few years after being saved and restored, and for the want of only a couple of million to give it many more years of life.

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Adelaide beats Glasgow in glasshouse restoration

Glasgow (and even Scotland) has a dismal record regarding the preservation and maintenance of the few historic glasshouses (or winter gardens) in its care.

Examples such as Springburn Winter Gardens have long lain in ruins, and although I can’t get there now, was sad to learn that the glasshouse in Ayr’s Bellisle Park had been closed in 2005, and I saw the sad sight of it boarded up, but thanks to local efforts had been restored and reopened in 2016.

Surely the worst case (since it was rescued but then dumped only a few years later) now has to be Tollcross Winter Gardens (not forgetting its once new Visitor Centre).

In summary, the Winter Garden glasshouse in Tollcross Park was last rescued and refurbished in the period 1999/2000, having then lain derelict for at least a decade, and at risk of being lost at worst, or left to be vandalised or rot at best. However, £1.7 million was raised to save it then, when it also gained an adjacent Visitor Centre, café, and play area.

But, having suffered storm damage during the winter of 2010/2011, it was simply closed and left to rot, with lack of cash being given as the reason.

While Glasgow City Council squandered more than £300 million paying to host the farcical 2014 Commonwealth Games, and spent freely on ‘upgrades’ for the Commonwealth Pool in the sports centre only a few metres from the stricken glasshouse, not a penny could be found to restore what would have been a better tourist attraction – since it would always be there, unlike the ten days or so of sporting madness of the dopey games that were ‘Here today, gone tomorrow’.

Since the hull of the clipper ship ‘City of Adelaide’ (aka The Carrick) went there, I get automated news updates, which include articles relating to Adelaide.

This story about what would appear to be the only such glasshouse in the southern hemisphere was just highlighted, and puts Adelaide ahead of Glasgow in this particular race.

Being a sole survivor of war is a burden few ask for, but when you fall under the weather and weigh 22 tonnes, you can be sure to draw attention.

The Palm House in Adelaide’s Botanic Gardens is undergoing its second restoration in about 25 years, with a team of painters and builders treating it for salt damp and rust incursion.

Plants have been moved out and cracked glass panes are being replaced, as workers utilise a huge freestanding scaffolding structure that took a week to build inside and around the 1877 structure.

Originally built in Bremen, Germany in 1875, the Palm House was shipped to Adelaide and reassembled, although the glass panes were all broken by the time it arrived.

Following the devastation of subsequent wars in Europe, it remains the only known German-built glasshouse from the era and is Australia’s second oldest.

Andrew Carrick from the Botanic Gardens and State Herbarium said there were similar examples of iron and glass botanical houses around the world, such as the Crystal Palace and the Kew Gardens palm house in London.

“They are the same style with the cast iron, and obviously at a much grander scale, but ours is probably the only one in the Southern Hemisphere,” he said.

It is also possibly the only surviving example of a prefabricated glasshouse, and was originally used for tropical plants until rust incursion in the early 1990s led the gardens to change its use to dry plants from the southern and western tips of Madagascar.

Palm House at Adelaide’s Botanic Gardens stands alone as example of German glasshouse design

Compare and contrast…

The Adelaide glasshouse scaffolding supporting… restoration.

Photo: The palm house was built in Adelaide during 1877 after prefabrication in Germany. (ABC Radio Adelaide: Malcolm Sutton)

Photo: The palm house was built in Adelaide during 1877 after prefabrication in Germany. (ABC Radio Adelaide: Malcolm Sutton)

The Tollcross Winter Gardens scaffolding supporting… what’s left.

Tollcross Winter Gardens ruined

Tollcross Winter Gardens scaffolding

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Tollcross Winter Gardens vandalism goes on

Last time out, I highlighted the growing evidence of vandalism to the derelict Visitor Centre

This time, it’s the glasshouse which seems to have attracted some more attention.

This is the eastern end of the structure, not directly visible from the path that passes the buildings, and could be thought of the ‘back corner’ of the structure.

Unlike the earlier pics, where the glass damage is mostly down to neglect and lack of maintenance, as clips fail and panes slide, this is just sheer vandalism, caused by stone-throwing and the deliberate smashing of the panes.

Once again, not a penny has been found to rescue this structure, despite the disgusting ‘Glasgow 2018’ and hosting of the European Championships in the pool just a few metres away, where plenty of money has been found to cordon this off from local people, and apparently fund an army of workers to wander around the place, and even have plant and machinery brought in to repair the road surface in Wellshot Road.

No better than the sham we had for the stupid 2014 Commonwealth Games foist on the people of Glasgow four years ago.

Tollcross Winter Garden Vandalism Progress

Tollcross Winter Garden Vandalism Progress

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Tollcross Park Winter Gardens just sliding into ruin

Cutting through Tollcross Park meant passing the derelict and now very ruined glasshouse of the winter gardens.

Somehow this looks even worse, as the undergrowth and weeds start to build up around the uncared for structure.

Looking at the roof, I noted the clips holding the glazing in place have started to show signs of rotting and failing.

Glass panes on the roof section are starting to come loose and slide down.

I wonder if anything helpful came out of the last meeting of the ‘Friends’ of the park?

It really is shameful that this has been allowed to happen, after all the money and effort which saw it restored, now a memory almost two decades in the past.

Tollcross Winter Garden Decay

Tollcross Winter Garden Decay

If it carries on at this rate, in a few years there won’t be any need to think about it being demolished – it will have done the job all by itself.

Good example of… a Building at Risk

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Friends of Tollcross Park 2018 AGM


I pass, even pass through quite often sometimes, but I’m past getting involved in stuff.

I’d almost make the effort, if I thought there was any chance of hearing something positive about the Winter Gardens disaster.

Tollcross Park Friends AGM

Tollcross Park Friends AGM

On my ever-expanding grammar fun quest, did you spot the error in this poster?

I haven’t seen it referred to by a name, but there seems to be a growing number of examples, especially with some modern items, such as GPS. While this acronym refers to the Global Position System, it’s not unusual to see references to the “GPS System”, which expands to the Global Position System System.

That can be improved a little by using “GPS navigation systems”.

Here we have the “AGM Meeting”, which expands in a similar manner, to become the Annual General Meeting Meeting.

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