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Not so forgotten trenches

shovelOn the anniversary of Armistice Day, the BBC ran a news item about the Forgotten trenches of Word War I, and while it’s true to say that not many people are aware of their existence, I hope anyone paying attention to items posted in here, and more importantly our Main Site, might just be part of the few that are.

We’ve never featured any of the practice trenches around Scotland on their own, but thanks to the Royal Commission on Ancient and Historic Monuments of Scotland (RCAHMS), and its reports on many of the military training areas we’ve researched, we learned that many of these area, and sometime the accommodation camps that dotted the country, were used for practice trenches, and not just during World War I.

In reality, there were probable even more than reported, as we’ve had the odd email from locals who’s memories have been jogged by reading one of articles, and they’ve mentioned the trenches left behind.

While this could be an ideal subject for the online aerial imaging services offered by Google and Microsoft, especially as their high resolution coverage across the country increases, the sad reality is that most of these areas have been absorbed in development, or ploughed out of existence.

Unfortunately, the only one I can remember as I type is Stobs Camp, a World War I and II training area in the Scottish Borders dating back to 1903, but none of the online imaging services cover the area at the moment. There is also Dundonald, but that camp belongs to World War II.

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