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More graffiti scum tagging

It’s hard to convey just how much contempt I hold for so-called graffiti artists and taggers, who think the world deserves to see their crap as they vandalise and damage people’s property.

As always, this does NOT extend to those working with permission.

In this case, some worthless little tagger chose to vandalise a lifebelt alert sign AND showed extreme disrespect by doing it next to someone’s memorial tribute.

Now that I see it with fresh flowers laid, I’m guessing someone died here, either drowned in the river, possibly an accident, or perhaps a suicide who jumped from the old Polmadie Footbridge, which lay just to left of this pic (and is now the new Polmadie Footbridge).

I don’t know the details, and queried the reason for a bottle of water being tied to the railings (fence) here. Original pic and query here: River Clyde pilgrimage point

Lifebelt Sign Vandalised At Memorial

Lifebelt Sign Vandalised At Memorial

Impressive fence painting too – dribbling nicely down from the top of the sign.

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Adam West tribute

Just saw this pop up on an image sharing web site I watch.

Unfortunately not credited, so I can’t give the proper source either, but it does seem appropriate and worth sharing.

Adam West Tribute

Adam West Tribute

While the later films and animated series may have had higher and more sophisticated production values, I think West’s 1960s TV series was, and is, the definitive conversion of the original comic series, and all the little quirky touches were inspired by that original.

While I get the later ‘darkening’ of the Dark Knight, I also think it made the story too deep and too serious compared to the original.

The original had the right mix of light-heartedness, comedy, and fun, to make the mad super villains that were Batman’s foes work perfectly.

The only other version that really worked for me was an animated series that was shown during kids’ TV on Saturday morning.

Sad to say I don’t know the year, or which animated series it was.

The reason I remember it was when I realised how serious it was, after I had just started watching it as a series for little kiddies.

After a few weeks, I began to see that the episodes appeared to work on two levels: the obvious one that for the kids; but also a much darker theme linking the Batman and his adversaries.

It may just have been me, but while there was the outward fun of cartoon for the kids, I began to see a more serious storyline underlying the obvious., with both the Batman and the villains appearing to stop just short of actions that would, I think, have placed the series not as Saturday morning kids’ TV, but as a post watershed (9 pm in the UK) adult TV series.


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David Leslie dies in aircraft crash

It was sad to see the news that David Leslie, 54, of Annan in Dumfries and Galloway, was one of five who died when a plane crashed into a house in Farnborough on Sunday afternoon. No-one on the ground was injured.

David Leslie won nine races during his 13 year British Touring Car Championship career, and finished second in the championship behind Frenchman Laurent Aiello in 1999, and had driven for six teams: BMW, Vauxhall, Mazda, Honda, Nissan and Proton, prior to his retiral from the sport in 2003.

His death in the crash of the private jet is the second such event involving a Scottish driver in less than a year, with the loss of Colin McRae in a helicopter crash last September, which also claimed the life of his son and two friends.

Numerous tributes have been paid to the driver by his colleagues, including Sir Jackie Stewart, quoted as saying Mr Leslie’s death was “a great loss to Scottish motor sport.”

We remember David Leslie as one of the memorable characters of the BTCC, a serious driver and racer who also had a sense of fun which he brought to the event (which seems all to serious nowadays), and was enjoyable both on the televised events, and the live events we were able to attend when the BTCC was finally encouraged to come north of the Border to Knockhill Racing Circuit.

It seems fitting to close with the comments reported from former Formula One driver David Brabham, who raced with Mr Leslie, and described him simply as a “great guy“…

He was a very good driver and a distinguished gentleman,” he said. “It is the saddest news, both for his family and for the racing community.

BBC video tribute from John Fife

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