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Where’s Queen Mary?

Another example from my recent down period, just to confirm that nothing happens until I’m not looking.

I took a random bike run that ended up in Govan, and decided to come back via Pacific Quay.

I expected to see the returned TS Queen Mary moored there.

I didn’t.

All I saw was an empty berth. Something of a surprise, since I hadn’t seen any mentions in the media.

TS Queen Mary missing

TS Queen Mary missing

While I wouldn’t put it past some scumbag metal thieves to have towed her away in the night, I didn’t think that was too likely, and suspected she’d been taken elsewhere to have some specialised work completed.

For once, I got lucky, and the very next day the media carried stories that the Queen would be sailing back to her berth the next day.

Queen of the Clyde makes a splash after £2.4m investment

TS Queen Mary is set to return to Glasgow after undergoing £400,000 of work in a dry dock.

A famous Clyde steamer is set to return to Glasgow after undergoing £400,000 of work in a dry dock.

TS Queen Mary, which returned to Scotland in 2016, has now had £2.4m invested in it and will arrive at the Glasgow Science Centre on Friday morning.

During the dry dock at Dales Marine in Greenock the ship was laser scanned so a 3D model could be built.

The ship itself was UHP blasted to fully strip it back to its bare steel and then repainted with new lettering.

So, time for another trip, and another pic.

TS Queen Mary returned

TS Queen Mary returned

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