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Job sign is blunt and to the point

I first spotted this sign on April 1, and given the significance of that day, and the fact that I had never seen it, or come across another one before, was not sure if it was real.

While I approve of its simple and blunt message, I’m also usually dismayed by union approached to such things, and would not be surprised to find strikes being called to have such a sign banned on the basis that it was somehow ‘unfair and threatening’ to the poor, persecuted union members.

But after looking closer at the site concerned, I saw more of these signs posted around the perimeter, and a pile of them lying beside the… tea room.

I’ve also checked my own industrial sign supplier, and see that it is fact one of a number of such blunt signs that combine various equipment omissions that will lead to employment problems.

No Job Sign

No Job Sign


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Where I live…

And where I’ll die early – at least according to the statistics.

The Glasgow East constituency is having a by-election on July 24, and I already mentioned the rubbish (as in street refuse) that will be piled on us. Since the post I made the other day, more money has been pointlessly spent by candidates sending snail-mail (irritatingly personalised on a first-name basis, as if they knew or cared who I was) while each day sees two or they glossy, colour flyers hand-delivered to my doorstep, an their way to my bin. According to the statistics, there’s around 89,999 (2001 census) other constituents, so that’s a big pile of waste paper and pointless snail-mail.

While the constituency cover the area from the Gallowgate, just short of Glasgow city centre, and reaches almost as far as Coatbridge in North Lanarkshire, the media still only bases its comments on Shettleston, which it loves as it can always report on the 2002 United Nations rating system which named the Shettleston area as the most deprived in Britain, taking into account life expectancy, unemployment, incomes and rates of illiteracy. A few miles further east, Baillieston came seventh in the same analysis.

The media trots out the same figures time after time, and makes me feel as if I should be looking in the mirror each morning, just to see if I’m still was alive after I get up. Their facts of choice can be summarised as follows:

  • We have the lowest life expectancy compared to the UK average, some areas said to be 11 years less than the average.
  • Unemployment is higher too, 10 of males of 25, and 25% of women reportedly unemployed.
  • NHS statistics for this year show the east end of Glasgow with Scotland’s highest rate of alcohol-related hospital admissions, with an average of 860 people per 100,000 were admitted between 2004 and 2006 in Scotland, but 1,505 in the east end of Glasgow, compared to a low of 501 in East Renfrewshire.

The Clyde Gateway project has £1.6 billion to be targeted for improvement:

  • Building 10,000 new housing units and 400,000 square metres of commercial property in the next twenty years.
  • Creating 21,000 new jobs and increasing the population in the east end of Glasgow by 20,000.

Whatever use the following has for the problems of the area I don’t know, and as conversations with those who live in the area have shown that they consider similar sports facilities to simply have been “parachuted” into the area for the benefit of people who drive in from outside to used them, the dopey 2014 Commonwealth Games waste of money will bring:

  • A national indoor sports arena.
  • A velodrome complex planned opposite Celtic Park in the Parkhead area.
  • A neighbouring athletes’ village

The worst thing I was told is that the local kids daren’t use them, as the entrances are patrolled by local gangs, who will set about them if they try and go in to use them. I can’t comment on the voracity of that, I don’t fall into any sort of group that would want to tgo into such a place, but I do spend plenty of time walking past, and haven’t seen anything to back that up – but then again, I only pass at what some might call “respectable hours”.

These benefits remind me of the T-shirts that say something like “My neighbour won the lottery… and all I got was this silly T-shirt”.

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Unemployment camps

A real secret uncovered today.

While researching Glenfinart House, which was located at Ardentinny on the western shores of Loch Long, I came across a recent local review of resources and developments in the area. It began with a short historical review of past developments that had come and gone, and included a reference to Unemployment Camps, set up in the grounds of the house, and occupying the area towards the beach. The camps were said to have been used to house unemployed people from the West of Scotland during the 1930s.

After the war, the Government denied the existence of these camps, but their memory still lives on in the recollection of the local population.

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