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Union Street bus gate sign

I got the chance to take a couple of quick pics related to the new bus gate I mentioned recently. Appropriately, both were taken from one of the buses which should benefit from the gate.

I grabbed the first as we were negotiating the cheeky dog-leg that sees the bus travel north against the normal one way traffic flow to the south in Jamaica Street, as it transits from Howard Street into Midland Street, on the left. Both Midland Street and Howard Street (at this location) are two-way, and the two flows have to alternate as these streets are narrow. In fact, the entry into Midland Street is so tight that if any dopey/impatient car driver stops on the cycle area ahead of the vehicular stop line, the bus usually can’t make the turn, and the offending driver has to find a way to back up out of the bus’s way. And that’s not always easy if a queue has stopped behind the eejit.

It’s also a good idea to remember the oncoming buses if you are cycling along Midland Street, and keep to the left if the lights are at red, otherwise you’re going to be face to face with around 8 tonnes of bus – and that’s just best avoided, even if it is moving at walking pace.

The second pic was sheer chance in Union Street, when I saw the warning sign about the impending arrival of the bus gate, and tried to catch it as the bus passed.

I only had one chance, and I’m surprised I even caught it, given the ‘wake-up’ time of the camera.

Union Street Bus Gate Sign

Union Street Bus Gate Sign

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The dangers of refunds – think of the STAFF!

This was the scene in Glasgow’s Union Street last night – just seconds after I left Complete Entertainment Exchange after returning an item for a full refund.

Parting with hard-earned cash is tough for Scots, even if it’s not their own money, and there can be trauma, or even PTSD.

But I don’t think I broke any of the staff’s fingers while prying my money out of their clutching hands 🙂

Union Street Ambulances

Union Street Ambulances

Just kidding. They just turned up for something else, so it was only a coincidence (I think).

The staff are actually very nice about it – even if their system is horrendously complicated and time-consuming, with far too many pieces of paper to sign. The poor assistant even had to go get a manager to witness the refund.

And this was only for ÂŁ15!

One of the few places I’d actually give a recommendation – I’ve got some good stuff from this lot, and at great prices.

Some of the electronics was marked as second-user, but when I examined it was not only unmarked (not even fingerprints on shiny parts), but when powered up, appeared to be starting for the first time. I’ve saved a packet AND been able to buy some goodies I’d only have dreamed about.

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Glasgow’s Wimpy ghost

Not something I’d ever be found in, but the ghost of a Wimpy can be found in Union Street.

Looks like it was covered by a ‘Money Shop’ sign until 2015, and been empty since then.

Union Street  Wimpy

Union Street Wimpy

I find it rather amusing that an article documenting the demise of Wimpy refers to the fast food’s outlets as restaurants.

See The Slow Death of Wimpy, a British Institution

According to that article, more than 500 places had that name over the door, and it’s been around from some 60 years.

A recent count put the number at a mere 93 (with the big names having more like 1,300 each).

And, I only see 4 on this side of the border – check current standing here:

Restaurant Locator | Wimpy UK

Dingwall, Fraserburgh, Kirkintilloch, and Motherwell, the latter being an ‘express’ with a reduced menu, located in the theme park in Strathclyde Park.

No great surprise to learn that the original is long gone following a number of buyouts/takeovers/closures and rebrandings, the most recent being  2007, by Famous Brands, an African company.

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