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Michelle Mone moved here

Michelle Mone moved in – and nobody told me!

Only the Baroness could afford this registration (yes, I’m just kidding).

Vauxhall Bra [P25 BRA]

Vauxhall Bra

Going from memory (risky!) I think we only have one other BRA wandering the streets, and if my memory is in fact working, it’s on a Ferrari. But it never stops here, so I’ve never managed to catch it.


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Another EV (REX) surprise as I trip over an Ampera

After being haunted by multiple BMW i3 sightings, on the same day I got another electric car surprise, when I came across a Opel Vauxhall Ampera (sorry, as noted before, my info usually come from US sources, rather than generally moronic coverage of cars with battery power, so I recognise this as an Opel Ampera). To be even more honest, I really see it as a Chevy Volt, which is what it was originally developed as, years before it went on sale.

This is not a pure EV, but a hybrid, or REX (range extended) vehicle. From memory, you have around 50 miles of battery only range, then a 1.4 litre engine kicks in to extend the range. I’ll say no more – having read all the arguments and debates about HOW that system works, other than to note you can have the battery charged by the engine, or plug it in,

I have to confess to watching the Ampera on the forecourt of the dealer around the corner, when it was introduced, and thinking about conning them out the test drive on offer, but chickened out. Although I’d done this a few times when picking a new car, I didn’t feel like finding out what they did when I turned up on foot, without a current car to leave behind when I drove off in their demonstrator.

Oh well.

The Ampera is quite striking in appearance, and I’ve never seen in the wild, although as you can see, they been around for over three years at least.

Vauxhall Ampera

Vauxhall Ampera

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Missed me again – but that will buff out

After I decided to let the ‘Missed me again’ joke wind down a little, and not bother with ever mangled railing that was mown down while I was not following a particular route, it seems that this has just meant the Murphy (you know who I mean, the famous Murphy of Murphy’s Law) has upped his game, and is going to try harder.

I’m back on my old Shettleston loop, which I’ve missed for a while.

Not exactly related to my ‘Missed me’ them, I’ve noticed an interesting side street where a number of white Transits are parked.

Nothing interesting about that, until you look at their wheels – nearly all have flat tyres (but only the bottom part!), and this has been the case when I’ve looked for some nights now, after spotting the first one.

Anyway, back to the real subject, and it was nice of this van to put in the effort to mark my return to some waddling along the streets of Shettleston for a while.

As an aside, I have noted a number of people look at similar crash collision damage, sneer, and point to it as an example of how rubbish modern cars are compared to the ‘tanks’ of yesteryear.

That’s a gross error and demonstrates a fair degree of ignorance.

It forgets, or ignores, that the front end of a modern or current car is designed as a crumple zone, intended to deform progressively in a controlled manner and absorb the energy of a collision rather than allow it to be passed back to the passenger compartment, and ultimately to the occupants.

Modified Vauxhall

Modified Vauxhall


They’re not going away (unlike the Vauxhall, gone the next day when I passed)!

Those Transits I mentioned are coming and going (but who can tell one or more white Transits apart?), and still have flat bits on their tyres, and still only at the bottom:

Flat Tyre Transit(s)

Flat Tyre Transit(s)

For what it’s worth, the valve caps all seem to be on, and there’s no obvious damage.

We used to have something similar in our works vans, when we visited some customers who were less than careful with the dross the their manufacturing areas and let metal shaving get carried into their yard.

We’d find our tyres kept deflating overnight, and only twigged when we found small shards of metal in the tread.

Guess what – we didn’t park in their yard any more, despite the ‘favour’.

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