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The illegals – N700 LEG

I really haven’t got a clue about this one, and why the risk of a £1,000 fine is worth displaying N700 LEG as N700LE G.

Maybe we’ll get lucky again, and someone will throw in the answer.

This one lives in a pretty dark section of street (I only seem to be here late at night), and sits about the same distance from all the street lights, so is never ‘lit’. And like all cars, is just that bit too big for the little flash built into most cameras to illuminate.

But I got lucky with the rear, and the flash picked out the plate (and the rear reflectors) some manipulation of the dark surroundings lifted the car itself from the gloom.

VW Golf [N700 LEG]

VW Golf [N700 LEG]

The same trick didn’t work for the front, and the focus firmly refused to move towards the front.

I really only kept this as a reminder of what can go wrong (and to confirm the front matches the back), and can’t be fixed on the spot. Autofocus is good when it works, but if it fails in the dark, then you still generally can’t see anything to focus on manually in many cases – like this one.

VW Golf Front [N700 LEG]

VW Golf Front [N700 LEG]


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The illegals – DK51 MBA

This one was a bit odd.

I’d actually walked past it, and along the road for some distance before I decided to go back for a closer look.

At first, I thought it was a foreign registration plate, due to the (illegal) spacing and the (illegal) font (especially the ‘1’), and the unusual pressed metal plate, something not seen very often nowadays as most are perspex.

Maybe the owner of this 2016 Volkswagen Golf 2.0 TDI BlueMotion Tech R-Line (phew – these names are getting longer) is a secret, or part-time, lion tamer.

Volkswagen Golf TDI [DK51 MBA]

Volkswagen Golf TDI [DK51 MBA]

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Two letters and two number on clean white Golf

There’s some irony in giving this post showing a 2014 Volkswagen Golf GTD  a title that includes the word ‘clean’.

2014 means it is bound to be one of Volkswagen’s ‘Dieselgate’ emissions cheat cars, which had software in the engine control that detected when emissions testing was being carried out, and switched to a cheat mode that reduced its emissions for the period of the test, then cancelled itself and restored the engine to normal operation for road use.

After being fined millions, and having to sort things out for drivers, a number of reports from drivers who had their cars ‘fixed’ reported they became almost undrivable, with stalling and hesitation on the road, Volkswagen was not popular with some.

But the real problem was not so much Volkswagen, but the revelation that diesel is, and ALWAYS WAS, dirty, unhealthy, and polluting, and most of its advantages (in terms of small diesels in cars) turned out to be lies and fantasy.

I can’t say that I shed a tear over this, having had many arguments about diesel – usually on the basis of how much better it really was than petrol – yet whenever I did any independent reading/research comparing the two, I found that petrol was the better of the two, or that any diesel advantages were contrived, or aided by legislation or taxation.

I least I don’t have to argue now, and just whisper the word ‘Dieselgate’ if anyone still tries to sell me diesel.

Anyway, while this one doesn’t come from a house near enough to be classified as “Neeb’s Wheels”, it is one I see quite often as it generally lives in the yard of a nearby business.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen the front!

Volkswagen Golf GTD [13 RB]

Volkswagen Golf GTD [13 RB]

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