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Greenoakhill community wood gate disappointment

I hadn’t had a chance to make any return visits to the new Greenoakhill community wood and wildlife haven I wrote about last year.

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Part of the reason is down to the fact that I have to walk past a perfectly good that accesses the area, and carry on for another half mile or so until I double back and eventually reach the ‘proper’ entrance at Daldowie.

I can also enter via a gate at Carmyle, but that’s just as far to go, before I’ve even get into the place.

I had looked forward to the supposed completion of works that would see the Greenoakhill gate made available, but it now seems that’s not going to happen. I’m probably wrong, but I thought this was going to be opened once the works here were completed.

If I ever want to use it, it seems I have to apply…

Hamilton Road Entrance: Site access on Hamilton Road just west of The Mailcoach. To arrange access please contact the Scottish Lowlands District Office.

This was what I found on New Year’s Day, when I took a look in hope of the gate being open.

Just the same as last year.

Greenoakhill Gate Disappointment

Greenoakhill Gate Disappointment

It’s a pity this gate is not being made more available.

It takes the fun out visiting this wood, having to walk at least an extra mile before you get there and can enjoy the quiet walk within.


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Scotland invests in Green Energy, but…

electricIn an interesting start to the week, a number of green or renewable energy plans led the news feeds:

Green Fuel Plant

A £24 million plant is to be constructed in Easter Ross. This will eventually make 100,000 tonnes of wood pellets from wood fibre and sawdust, enough to heat 20,000 homes. Quoting the usual ‘job-creation’ numbers, the project will is said to bring 307 indirect jobs, and 38 full time jobs to the area. The plant will be built on the former site of the Alcan smelter at Cromarty Industrial Park, Invergordon.

Big battery company

Plurion, a company which makes big batteries, or rather MASSIVE batteries, is moving from its original laboratory in Glenrothes, Fife, to Levenmouth, and the Methil Energy Park. Its batteries are similar in size to a 40 ft container, and are described as being able to power a small village. The company is developing an innovative technology using organic acids to provide previously impractical material couples to be used to provide higher cell voltages, and less polluting battery constructions. Their batteries can provide an effective storage medium to provide peak demand supplies, and storage for renewable energy schemes with variable generating capacity.

But, Energy Saving Day flops

By way of contrast (and not confined to Scotland), the UK’s first Energy Saving Day did little more than confirm that despite making noises to the contrary, no-one really cares about saving energy if it inconveniences or affect them. It’s something that ‘Somebody’ should be doing, and they’ll join in as soon as they can (be bothered).

E-Day wasn’t publicised much either, and the end result was that on the day, the Grid showed a +0.1% consumption, compared to the usual predicted.

The result was easily predictable, and no great surprise to anyone that follows such things, as the UK has been cast as the ‘Top of the Energy Wasters League’ since at least 2006.

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