Secret Scotland

If it's secret, and in Scotland…


Secret Scotland aims to provide a common resource where secret, hidden or otherwise notable Points of Interest around Scotland may be recorded and shared, and is modelled after the class-leading Wikipedia format.

There are four resources available to help with this aim:

  • The Wiki or Main Site where anyone may create and save pages.
  • Our Forum where the site content may be discussed.
  • Our Blog, where news, announcements and items that don’t require or merit their own page can be posted (and the Admin can ramble).
  • Our Flickr Group where pictures of interesting sites may be shared.

Machrihanish Inverallochy

By secret or hidden, we’re really just referring to anything that might be described as lost, unknown, uninvestigated, unexplained, undiscovered, unexplored, forgotten, undisclosed, underground, subterranean, camouflaged, disguised, suppressed, or similar. In simple terms, it could just be something (or somewhere) that’s just a bit out of the ordinary, and might not be noticed if not highlighted. As inspiration, these are a few of the existing Categories:

Click here to visit the Scottish Wildcat Association
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