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The Secret Scotland Wiki is an open ended project with a very simple aim: to provide a home for all the interesting little pieces of information about the country, before they are lost.

All entries are welcome, but we have a particular interest in anything that might be classed as just a little bit more interesting and unusual than the normal day to day historic facts that are generally known to everyone. We’d also like to provide a home where recollections of lost places and features may be stored before they become lost and forgotten.

General Notes

Unfamiliar with a Wiki?

A Wiki is simply a web site that can be edited very quickly and very easily, and requires no particular skills on the part of the user. If you want to see how it works, please feel free to use the Sandbox. It’s there so you can play and not worry about breaking something.

The difference between a normal website and a Wiki is that all vistitors are invited to contribute to the site. For an example of a what a Wiki can achieve, take a look at Wikipedia.

Whenever you can see Control Tabs along the top of a page, you’ll usually be able to edit the pages and make contributions. Whenever you make an edit, you’ll be asked for an Author Name before it saves. This is to prevent Spam, and enable us to remove any attempts at abuse. Minor edits are things like fixes to typos or spelling errors.

If you want to Create a New Page, simply follow the link for more details.

Areas you’re not permitted to edit are password protected, and have no Control Tabs along the top of their pages, so you simply won’t be able to access them.

Don’t worry about editting and formatting rules. We’re more interested in saving the info rather than how tidy the language is. Admins are alerted whenever a change is made, and they’ll tidy or format anything they see that needs it.

The site does not host or provide for the uploading of images, however links to images are fine.

Please use the Contact Form if you have any specific questions.

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