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First abandoned cat story of the year

First story I’ve seen of abandoned cats this year, and it’s an odd one.

Two cats were abandoned, in carriers, behind metal gates at Hillend Quarry, Airdrie Road, Caldercruix, and found on Sunday after being ‘spotted by a member of the public’ who contacted the Scottish SPCA.

I don’t know this area, so don’t know how accurate the Scottish SPCA’s suggestion that “they were mostly hidden away behind the fence, gate and a small stone wall” may be.

Fact is they were spotted, and by someone who was driving, so couldn’t have been that hard to see.

Unless the circumstances suggest some effort to cause deliberate harm to abandoned animals, I tend to wonder about the circumstances of the owners, and what problems they may have encountered to lead to this. Not ALL abandonments are just down to cruelty.

Sadly, the Scottish SPCA wins regardless. If locked in carriers, it can claim animals were left to starve. If not, they can say they were left in danger of roaming free, and could be killed on the road. I’m sure there are further options that make the former owner look bad, rather than raise concerns about their circumstances.

I’m NOT having a pop at the Scottish SPCA, or that all those who abandon animals be excused, just that a bit of thought should be exercised, rather than just knee-jerk reactions.

Cats locked in carriers and abandoned at roadside

Abandoned Cats dumped at side of road Scottish SPCA

Abandoned Cats dumped at side of road Scottish SPCA


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Project Yuk 2018

Project Yuk

Project Yuk

As usual, a warning for the squeamish to avoid the pic below 🙂

Project yuk is still going strong – and no closer to an answer.

Recalling previous results (2014 and 2015 numbers were mislaid/lost):

2012 was 2,129 g (5.58 lb)

2013 was 2,542 g (5.60 lb)

2016 was 1,050 g (2.31 lb)

2017 was 1,197 g (2.64 lb)

2018 was 987 g (2.18 lb)

That’s STILL about 19 g per week, or 3 g per day.

Although the number APPEARS to be falling over the years, this is a false trend which reflects a change from DAILY vacuuming (which was indulged at the start of Project Yuk), to WEEKLY, mainly to save electricity after noticing how long it took to complete this task while burning around 1.5 kW.

After 6 years I’m none the wiser about where this stuff comes from.

It arrives steadily whether I’m tramping muck into the house while gardening during the summer, or laid up ill in bed for weeks with nobody crossing the threshold.

It doesn’t even include stuff tidied up if I’ve been working and making a mess. I collect and dispose of that separately, otherwise the number would be even bigger. But, since I know that source of that material, I avoid its inclusion as far as possible.

And, it still does its ‘party trick’ whereby I can vacuum the place clean, repeat the process immediately and collection almost nothing, then repeat it 24/48 hours later and collect anything up to 10 g of Yuk, even if the house has been unoccupied for all of that time.

Don’t worry about the little round things, they’re not something REALLY horrible like insect eggs or similar.

They’re just polystyrene grains from cushions, and are too light to remove easily.

Project YUK 2018 end

Project YUK 2018 end


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They killed the Hip Hop Marionettes

Well THAT wasn’t much good.

After clearing the view of the Hip Hop Marionettes mural…

They just knocked it down!

Spotted recently as I slipped through Glasgow and headed home via George Square one night.

Although I know there was a load of redevelopment underway at the top end of John Street, I hadn’t realised it stretched all the way down to George Street.

I guess that means an end to students getting grabbed in John Street to act as witnesses for weddings in the former John Street registry office. I remember getting the warning about that one – then carelessly letting myself get caught one day.

Well, there are worse things that can happen.

George Street Hip Hop Marionettes Gone

George Street Hip Hop Marionettes Gone

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Does Rothesay House have a connection to Rothesay?

Another of those odd sightings of a name with no obvious reason.

This time it’s ‘Rothesay House’, spotted in Glasgow’s Douglas Street.

Although I did have a quick look around for a connection, nothing seemed to show up online.

This just seems to be a suite of offices to let to anyone, with the name just picked out of thin air (unless there is a reason I couldn’t find online), as opposed to having some sort of connection or link to the source.

Rothesay House Douglas Street

Rothesay House Douglas Street

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FINALLY! Electric vehicles are assured of success

It’s been a while in coming, but at last we have positive confirmation that electric vehicles will be a complete success.

President Tiny Brain himself, Donald Trump, confirmed this today when he announced:

Electric cars “not going to work”

Actually nothing to do with science, engineering, or anything relevant – the moron just wants to punish GM for not playing according to what HE says.

When GM made the announcement in the end of November, Trump vowed retaliation against the company, and he reiterated that stance last week. “I don’t like what she did,” Trump told Fox News, referring to Barra. “It was nasty. To tell me a couple of weeks before Christmas that she’s going to close in Ohio and Michigan, not acceptable to me. General Motors is not going to be treated well.”

Via Electric cars “not going to work,” Trump says of GM’s plan

Then again, he’s not a fan of electricity.

He’s more into pollution, with his ‘clean coal’ and ‘dirty mouth’.

Trump Poisonous Emissions

Trump Poisonous Emissions

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Trump supporters

After the preceding ‘adult’ post, I thought I should make this one.

Apparently Trump supporters say promoting this sort of thing is ‘Childish’.

Thanks folks 🙂

Remaining Trump Supporters

Remaining Trump Supporters

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Save yourself a fortune – go to Skye or Mull instead of Mars

There was an amusing story about Mars, and it seems that giving some areas Scottish place names is not the only reason for thinking of similarities.

Scientists have discovered soil on Mars to be similar to that found in two locations in Scotland.

The Aberdeen-based James Hutton Institute studied data on Martian minerals beamed back to Earth by Nasa’s robot rover, Curiosity.

Researchers compared the information against the institute’s Scottish soil dataset.

They found the Martian soil to be “strikingly similar” to basaltic soils of the isles of Skye and Mull.

Dr Benjamin Butler, of the institute’s environmental and biochemical sciences group, said Curiosity had successfully sent back digital mineral signatures of about 30 soils on the Red Planet.

He said: “Amazingly this data is open access, despite being probably the most expensive X-ray diffraction data in history.

“This allowed us to compare the Martian data to our own Scottish soil dataset, measured on a similar instrument, and to ask the question whether there are any soils in Scotland with similar mineralogy to those found on Mars.

Martian and Scottish soils ‘strikingly similar’

Looks like better value than the ÂŁ250,000 it might cost you for a few minutes in space if you take a trip on Virgin Galactic’s ‘space tourism’ offering.

More seriously, if you have watched the progress of information gathering today, as compared to the first days of planetary landers, the advances have been little short of amazing.

And that’s without even thinking  about other successes, such as sending spacecraft to intercept comets, and return with material collected from them.

Mars Or Skye

Mars Or Skye

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SALE! – 30% Off Back Pain

Couldn’t resist snapping this just after I walked past it – and had to go back for a second look 🙂

30% Off Back Pain

30% Off Back Pain

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Would you rather drown or be electrocuted?

I’ve passed this lifebelt quite a few times, and (as someone involved in electrical safety) can’t help having a little laugh.

I should probably say that this is NOT an official lifebelt post – they are marked by proper identifiers giving safety details, and proper identification of the location to help emergency services, if needed.

Someone has just hung the ring here – which, to be fair, is probably better than throwing it in the river, which some seem to think is fun.

But the real fun would be if there was a bit of (electrical) leakage around here, and the wet lifebelt and rope was thrown to aid some poor sod in the water.

132 kV (that’s 132,000 volts for the non-techs, a little more than the 240 volts found at home) is definitely going to make it along a wet rope and waken up anyone who grabs it.

There would be options – death by drowning, or death by electrocution.

I am kidding here, just because of the sign the ring is hanging from.

You’re not in any electrical danger from this.

The hydrogen dioxide in the river though… that can kill you.

It’s been said that everyone who has drunk the stuff has died, without exception (that’s a joke – look it up).

HV Lifebelt

HV Lifebelt

The local dross has been sticking stickers on the sign, so you can’t see it properly.

Here’s a nice clean one.

Clyde HV Sign

Clyde HV Sign

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Today is Fritters Day

02 December is Fritters Day.

I’m told all you have to is batter something and fry it to make a fritter.

That was a nice short post!

Although it does beg the question (here at least)… is a deep fried Mars Bar a fritter?

That aside, I’m going to confess that although I rather like chip shop fritters (those with a Spam-like filling, although I dread to ask what it actually is), I didn’t find out about them until I was quite grown up.

The revelation came one evening, when a club I was in had an ‘Away Day’ and we were driving home after a long day when it was suggested we make a detour to a chip shop that made ‘The best fritters’. I couldn’t really say ‘No’.

And that was when I got hooked on them – they really were very good.

I sometimes buy similar fritters, but don’t deep fry them (shocking, I know) as I’ve gone over to hot air frying, and it really is better if done properly). Obviously these are being heated rather than cooked from raw – even I know the batter would run all over the inside of my air fryer if I was cooking from scratch.

I did (unavoidably) mention a certain trade name above, and had no idea they actually sold their own fritters.

I found a packet just about to past its ‘Sell Buy’ date a while ago, and snatched it up for a whole 10 p.

What can I say? Delicious, and 10 p well spent.

Spam Fritters

Spam Fritters

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Cat humour

I’ve been getting a little serious recently, but I’ve also been coming across some nice cat related humour too, so this might be a good time to share a couple.

One that needs no explanation, but could make the world a better place.

Graffiti Cats

Graffiti Cats

If cats could caption pics.

Pick it Up

Pick it Up

I can’t think of another post where I could put this one, so…

Poop Play

Poop Play

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