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Source of wisdom – The Inversnecky on Aberdeen’s beach front

A little while ago I was ‘gifted’ a view that I recognised as being from the area of The Inversnecky on the front, or esplanade, of Aberdeen’s beach.

See The secret inside hoMEOWner

A chance find this morning means I can not only add to that, and have not only found the source, but also a huge archive of earlier wisdom from the café.

See VinnieASL submitted images on imgur

Looks like someone there has been busy.

Good job they don’t have one of my old bosses there too…

Anybody with the time to make up and create those signs would have found themselves with a broom stuck up their backside to keep them busy, or walking the streets.

Oh wait… maybe Vinnie IS the boss!

Inversnecky Irony

Inversnecky Irony


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Another Commonwealth Shames Legacy failure – sculptures nobody’s heard of

Having lived through the ridiculous months of disruption prior to 2014’s Commonwealth Shames nonsense (was all that really just for few DAYS of events?), and still see plenty of land that was razed to make way for… sorry, I have no idea, not to mention a WHOLE CARE HOME in Dalmarnock that still seems to be standing empty to this day, I tripped over another LEGACY FAILURE recently.

Passing the fire station in Polmadie’s Calder Street I spotted a cute sculpture beside the ‘staff’ entrance.

Commonwealth Discus Sculpture

Commonwealth Discus Sculpture

I expected it to related to the firefighters, but when I looked closer was amazed to find it was not, but was actually number 8 of 11, with the remainder scattered somewhere around Glasgow.

The plaque gives no details of the collection, their locations, or even where to find out about them.

Commonwealth Legacy Sculpture Plaque

Commonwealth Legacy Sculpture Plaque

As someone who had no interest in the nonsense, this collection is a dreadful failure and waste.

These should have been highlighted years ago, to make sure that people like me (NOT interested in the Shames) would have been made aware of this collection.

It’s a shame, as the sculpture actually looks quite good, and I’d like to see the rest of the collection.

Sadly, it’s lost as just another mess left behind that useless waste. Well, probably not useless if you were one of the lucky folk that picked up some of the £300 million+ squandered on it. (Let’s not forget the thousands of mugs volunteers who helped keep the cost down).

Glasgow faces up to reality of a divided Commonwealth Games legacy

I’ve found one sculpture for you…

See if you can go find the rest now.


They’re a secret, even online a simple search only brought up ONE reference – it gave only the background, a pic of the first one at Cowcaddens, and not as much a list identifying the rest.

Since I don’t want to be seen as kicking the concept of the statues or those responsible for their creation (I am, however, quite happy to be seen as mocking the Commonwealth Shames), here’s the intro:

Community fire stations across Glasgow will be home to lasting symbols of the 2014 Commonwealth Games thanks to the on-going partnership between the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service (SFRS), the Scottish Prisons Service and Glasgow Life.

A series of sculptures created by prisoners at HMP Barlinnie will be installed in each of the city’s 11 stations, with the first officially unveiled Monday (16 June) at Cowcaddens.

SFRS offered the use of the city’s fire stations after Glasgow Life and HMP Barlinnie ran into difficulty when attempting to find suitable sites to place the then-planned sculptures.

So, all you have to do now is go find a list of the city’s 11 fire stations.

Nice one by the firefighters – pity they seem to have received little recognition or publicity for their efforts.

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Weekly round-up: 21 October 2017

As expected, there isn’t really a round-up this week (still spending most time in blog, especially since I found a load of pics I’ve mislaid for a year or two).

Apart from spending time beta-testing some of the new Web Extension add-ons and sharing my findings with the developers, I also seem to be suffering the after effects of an apple tree that has decided to produce ‘Ready-made poisoned apples’.

There’s a blog post somewhere nearby, in case anybody can explain this one.

Back with Firefox 57/58, the now that most of the serious add-ons seem to be stabilising and restoring functions I’ve been longing to have back for some weeks now, I really only seem to have one outstanding issue – NO multi-row tabs!

I used to love being able to see the titles of anything up to 100 tabs I had open and in use when working on a subject, and being able to spot info I needed quickly, and being able to switch to it with a click.


Now I’m limited to a single row of huge tabs that start to scroll off out of sight (and out of mind) when I open a mere 12.

I use other browsers, but none offer multi-row tabs, so are not an option.

I really hope this is not something that Web Extensions can’t cope with, a problem that has killed some great add-ons that apparently can’t be recreated.

A few stories did manage to leak in though…

In a week when it is claimed that a poll showed Scots still want to be seen by the World as a country that allows children to be beaten even though its Government is trying to implement legislation to outlaw such behaviour, it seems odd that a pupil was reprimanded and severely disciplined for bringing replica World War I bullets to school. Sad to say, there are no details in the story reported Pupil took replica bullets to Galashiels Academy He should have taken a knife – media stories suggest teachers are afraid to do anything about those. Their UNION told them not to as I recall.

Slightly sad to see a company I used to use quite a lot at one time had succumbed to a slump in business. Prices were always pretty good, and their range/service delivered our needs Greenock jobs lost as Misco UK collapses

I was slightly irritated/sad when I had to dump a post I had been playing around with earlier in the week. Normally I don’t bother too much about what’s in a pic, or who might take the hump about it, but as the week wore on, I found myself becoming increasingly concerned. First problem had been the pic itself – I don’t hand out ‘free’ advertising (or any for that matter if I can avoid it) and this pic showed the contact details for the business concerned LARGER than the subject material. In extreme cases I just edit this sort of stuff out, but the details were HUGE and their removal ruined the pic in this case. Then there was the subject itself. While I was having a joke about the sort of business that goes on at The Barras, I found myself becoming increasingly uneasy (as the business in the pic remained clearly identifiable). Since you never know who is looking, what their sense of humour is like, and what sort of ‘mates’ they may have on hand, I decided that despite the fun nature of the subject, I liked to be able to sleep at night, and wake up too.

I haven’t forgotten my good old apoplectic octogenarian swastika loving pal, the one who can see swastikas in his Chinese slippers, and thinks that they should be banned.

Just to help him along in his remaining years, I’ll be trying to arrange free laundry services for him, to take the load off.

This is the company I’ll be having call at his house every week:

Swastika Laundry

Swastika Laundry

Historical Note

The Swastika Laundry was a laundry founded in 1912, located on Shelbourne Road, Ballsbridge, a district of Dublin, Ireland.


It seems the ground painted swastika ludo board (see last week’s round-up) isn’t exactly a rarity, or ludo for that matter, with more examples turning up, such as this example from a school:

School Swastika

School Swastika

Tis seems to be a game called Mensch ärgere Dich nicht, a German board game developed by Josef Friedrich Schmidt in 1907/1908.

Want more info? It’s online.

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Canadian haggis ban lifted after 46 years – but what of the US?

Grumpy haggis

Grumpy haggis

It’s taken a long time, but it seems that Canada will no longer be shooting Scottish haggis that tries to cross its border.

I’ve followed developments for a few years, but the reports I read previously referred to a US ban on haggis imports (due to some of its ingredients), and rereading them (those I have referred to previously) makes no mention of Canada.

The new story is specific to Canada in this case, and while I only had a quick search, I can’t find anything to suggest the US has relaxed its rules, just the same stories I’ve seen from earlier years bemoaning that ban, and more recent ones suggesting that progress is being made in having the US ban lifted, but not that it is actually happening.

It’s funny that all those earlier stories were specifically aimed at the US ban, and as far as I can see, NONE of them mentioned the fact that CANADA also banned the treat, or that one ban might be lifted independently of the other.

Preferential reporting? Bad reporting? Offal reporting?

Media kicks the US yet seems to totally ignore Canada’s implementation of the same ban?

Scots haggis exports to Canada to resume after 46 years

Kelvingrove haggis

Haggis on display at Glasgow Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum


Received this later…

Can’t see the haggis though (unless it’s in the bag).

Canada Thanks

Canada Thanks

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The view from the (Sheriff) court

I dropped in a pic OF the Sheriff Court building recently.

Just to be different, when I happened to be near that subject recently, I took a chance and walked closer, and thought it was time for something a little different.

A view FROM the court forecourt, showing where the first pic was taken from.

Clyde Street From Sheriff Court

Clyde Street From Sheriff Court

Apart from the River Clyde, and the spot where The Carrick (now City of Adelaide) used to sink every now and then (spot the two wider piers on the right descending from the white walkway fence, where the clipper was moored), there isn’t really anything worthy of note.

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Any apple experts out there (before they kill me)?

I have a (usually) rather nice apple tree, which came with the back garden many years ago.

The apples are usually pretty good for eating, but some of the dry years we’ve had in the past meant they were off the menu. While it was a guess on my part, in those hot, arid years, the apples tended to crack and split while still on the branch, something I put down to dehydration and dry ground.

I never proved that thought, but the only thing I ever found that looked similar appeared be called ‘Star Disease’, and while the apples looked similar, none of the other symptoms seemed to apply, and even the online accounts were light on detail.

Our summers have now returned to their cooler and wetter days, this condition seems to have almost gone away, and I’ve been eating the apples for a few years.


This year has not been good, despite appearances.

I sampled the crop a few weeks ago – and let’s just say I was ill afterwards.

The apples seemed the most likely cause, as I wasn’t trying anything else new or suspect.

But, I didn’t believe it, and after recovering, decided to try them again.

Unfortunately, while not as much ‘fun’ as that first tasting, I can’t say the result means I’m in any hurry to have a third ‘tasting’.

Also, in the intervening period I noticed this crop is not responding well to being stored.

In previous years, I’ve kept them all the way up to, and past, the New Year, with the only downside being that by then they’re tending to dry up a bit, and the skins can look a little shrivelled.

Not this lot.

Still (in October) some two months away from the New Year milestone, this lot will never last that long.

When I checked them, I found that many had become dark, discoloured, and soft.

Others had actually gone completely rotten, turned dark and soft, and even had (white) mould on their surface.

This is new, not seen in past years, and closer inspection shows that many of the remainder already show evidence of this rot setting in already.

Not good, and it’s worth noting I wash them after collecting them. I don’t store them piled up and/or touching. I also discard any that show any damage or discolouration immediately, so they never even get stored. In past years all I do is leave them on the floor in a spare room, where they usually sit undisturbed, and I usually spot the few that have been damaged/bruised, and they get picked out and dumped.

But this lot is almost going rotten as I watch.

This pic gives an idea, although the worst were all dumped a while ago – these are just what I collected this morning, plus some tiny ones just being dumped. These all looked and felt fine a week ago.

One additional thing I’ve noted now is that they are rapidly losing any shine they once had, and are becoming matt and dull, even before they become discoloured and go soft.


Rotting Apples

Rotting Apples

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Rain don’t keep meeces away

After a few days’ respite, it looks as if curiosity killed the mouse this morning, and they’re back.

Although I’m hardly suggesting they were ever away, just not trying to get in.

We’re rather soggy at the moment, with more rain than we’ve seen in a while, and I wondered if would keep the little invaders away – clearly not.

No pic evidence of this morning’s catch – our garden bin collection was on the way (we have a selection of wheelie bins to segregate our assorted wastes into) and since I’m fed up digging graves I wanted to make sure I caught this collection since I had filled the bin and it was ready to go this morning.

However, it gives me a chance to include a pic I got from someone who was having a problem getting their ‘little friends’ to obligingly wander into the waiting traps, and they consulted a local ‘expert’ who advised the following.

Occult Mouse Trap

Occult Mouse Trap

I think…

I’ll pass on this one.

Many years spent watching education films produced by Hammer Films suggest this is actually more likely to conjure up a giant demon mouse, rather than attract any ordinary one to the trap!

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Surprise gallery find in Nicholson Street next to Sheriff Court

For various reasons I tend to shy away from the area near the Sheriff Court, but passing nearby during the weekend, when the place was shut, I decided to ‘Confront The Phobia’ and walk past the façade.

Once past, I almost missed the pale ‘sandwich board’ style sign in Nicholson Street, and with its faint print almost failed to see it was not just a piece of wood abandoned there, but had something printed on it.

Looking closer, it marked the site of a new(ish) gallery (and arts collective) that opened in 2016 – but has no sign on the building (that’s not a criticism – I assume the rules for the area prohibit such a horrible thing on those buildings).

This is my second ‘surprise’, after coming across the Civic Room in High Street.

I have to admit to being a little intrigued at this find, since most of the premises there are given over to assorted legal practices, which we are usually told make an absolute fortune in legal fees, so are the only ones able to afford the cost of being established at such an address.

I was surprised to see the gallery open, but as the area (and gallery) were deserted… I chickened out and just looked in the window rather than venture in. There’s nothing worse than being somewhere you’ve no real reason to be – and have eyes burning into your back.

16 Nicholson Street Gallery

16 Nicholson Street Gallery

The sign.

Nicholson Street Gallery Sign

Nicholson Street Gallery Sign

Find the gallery online here:

16 Nicholson Street

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Do what cat says – cat never lies

Spotted this variation on a pic that has been circulating for a while, and couldn’t resist pairing it with another.

Press here kid, will be fun” (cat said):

Will Be Fun Cat Said

Will Be Fun Cat Said

Did the cat’s conscience bother it afterwards?

You decide:

Bad Dog Vs Bad Cat

Bad Dog Vs Bad Cat

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No chance of infection in Tollcross Park, just a spot of fungus

Funny how it’s possible to wander around a place and completely miss something in plain sight.

I’d never noticed this old drinking fountain before, yet it lies near at least one path within the park.

I understand most, if not all, of these fountains have been killed off for fear of their being a potential source of infection, and sharing nasty diseases between users. At one time, they were numerous.

As can be seen, it has not only been disabled, but also smashed. Whether the latter is down to the park, or vandals, is unclear. Regardless, nobody’s going to be using this one.

Then again, it may have been a cunning plan by the scurrilous vendors of one of today’s greatest scandals – BOTTLED WATER – as they systematically destroyed all free sources of water to boost their criminal sales. But, that’s another story.

Tollcross Drinking Fountain Wrecked

Tollcross Drinking Fountain Wrecked

A wander around the remains revealed a fortunate survivor of this particular wrecking effort, including discovery of full details of the manufacturer.

Tollcross Drinking Fountain Detail

Tollcross Drinking Fountain Detail

One day, I’ll not only ready up on the definition of the difference between mushrooms and toadstools… I’ll also REMEMBER it!

So just have this bonus pic taken nearby, and we’ll settle for ‘fungus’ to save time.

Tollcross Park Tree Fungus

Tollcross Park Tree Fungus


Let’s not miss a chance to embarrass those in charge of this mess…

Which didn’t get the benefit of a SINGLE PENNY from the sham fiasco of the LASTING LEGACY of the 2014 GLASGOW COMMONWEALTH SHAMES.

Tollcross Winter Gardens January 2017

Tollcross Winter Gardens January 2017

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Scottish wild kittens (not what you think)

Not THAT kind of wild kitten.

These are probably wild about being dressed up.

I’d comment…

If I wasn’t lost for words!

Scottish Wild Kittens Shortbread

Scottish Wild Kittens Shortbread

We tracked one of the models down, and were planning an interview, asking ‘Why?’.

But, after they saw the above, we decided cuddles, treats, and counselling were probably a better idea.

Sad Kitten

Sad Kitten


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